In the memory of…

Today I was complaining about my day, you know about those little things that can make your day look really bad. And suddenly, I remembered you, I remembered our story, a story that should be told.

We were four girls, really close, fighting to get through high school. We were simple teenagers who had their fun, their sadness, their stupid moments, but above all, we had our friendship.

High school ended, and with the beginning of the new phase of our lives, every one of us chose her path. We were separated by life itself.

Years passed, we weren’t talking, and I was just hoping all of you were good and happy. One got married, another one got engaged, and the remaining two were building a future.

Eight years had passed and we were all doing fine until the day I heard the news.

You weren’t fine, you were fighting for your life and you needed us to be there for you.

I will never forget that day. I saw you after eight years. I saw you in a bed. You were smiling at the three of us, talking about plans and tomorrows.

That day, I learned to hope, to always smile, to be optimistic as much as you were.

Two weeks later, you were gone, forever gone!

It’s been a year and two months and you were 26!

With your memory, my day got better and I smiled again.

You see, even if you’re gone, you will always be with us, in every friend we make, in every hope, in every smile.

In your memory…


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