The scar

Yesterday, I went to see a friend, he was feeling down, and for some reason he felt pain.

“Does it get any better?!” he asked, pain was obvious in his words and moves.

Does it?! I was thinking about it, I didn’t know exactly what to say to him! I remembered all the pain I’ve been through…

“It will”, I said, “with time… you know when you have a wound, it heals leaving a scar! And every time you look at it, you don’t feel any pain at all, but you remember it all! Now that’s what will happen… The pain will fade away but every time you look back, you will remember it with all the tears and the hurt… but now, it will fade away.”

I left him hoping his pain will disappear any moment, I left without saying the rest of my idea; you see, every wound heals, that’s true! But in life, a new wound may appear a short time later, and what you can do is letting go…


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