Going to sleep

Dark. That’s all she could see with the lights off. It may scare some people but she was comfortable, lying there staring at the ceiling , wandering with her mind through lines and lines of memories. She didn’t need to close her eyes, she didn’t even need to focus. Without any effort, her mind would show her what she was eager to see…

With a blink, it starts. His face, his eyes looking at her, his smile! With every tone of his voice in her ears, she could see him again, right there on the ceiling of her room.

She tried to reach for him, stretched her hand to the maximum, but the image was far away from her reach. “So is he”, she thought, “So is he…”

Wet flushed her eyes, those drops of tears washed the remains of his image, her sobbing covered his voice in her ears, she closed her eyes and drifted into a world where they would be together, and with her lids closing she escaped to her own neverland.


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