Devilish Angel

He said he was going away. He said it couldn’t work out. He left and broke that heart of hers.

Time passed, days then weeks. She got used to the idea that he will not be there when she gets back home, that she will be spending the evenings alone waiting to hear the phone ringing, that she will sleep in that big bed they picked up together without the feeling of the warmth of his body next to her.

Two months passed and she was beginning to do fine finally, could be better could be worse too. Two months, she has stopped waking up at night crying because she was dreaming of their time together.

And one day, he was just there, he was back as if nothing has happened.

I’m your angel he said, I am here to be with you, to protect you, to help you.

And so he did. He was there for her, making her smile then laugh, making her wanting to be alive again. But what he didn’t know was that he was torturing a part of her. With every smile he put on his face, with every word that makes her laugh, with every crazy thing they do, she was hurt, her heart was aching because she was longing for him but couldn’t be with him.

What was she doing?! She wanted to be with him at any price! But even if the cost is high!? Was he really her angel?! In a way he was. Her devilish angel…


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