Eager to meet you

To my person Jo. May all your dreams come true.

If  I see you right now, I would smile, I would hold you close to my heart, I would kiss your cheeks, I would sing you a lullaby.

If you are in my life right now, you would make me smile, you would make me laugh, you would make me worry, you would even make me cry, but above all, you would rule my world.

I love you!

But you, you don’t exist yet! It’s a little early for you to come… Even though, child in my dreams, I’m just eager to meet you!

Glimpse of a dream

Oh I saw us! We were standing with everybody else, looking at each other as if we’ve been together for a million years and yet our love is still young.

I saw us! You and me, going crazy together, tripping, falling on the path, but still together.

I swear, I saw us! Sitting by a fire, telling old stories, relaxing in the sun, watching a movie, listening to music, dancing, running, laughing, crying… we were really there! You, me, we made it there!

And just then, something pulled me out of my reverie, I shook my head, smiled and was introduced to the stranger I just had a glimpse of a dream with…

What you were…

You’ve been quiet lately. I’ve been missing the sound of your voice.

You’ve disappeared. I’ve been missing the feel of your touch.

It was one of these stories, the lovely ones, where all of a sudden you change and people start to notice how happy you are without even asking.

It was you! You made me feel happy, you made my days better. I remember it clearly how I used to smile for no reason, I used to sing some of the oldest love songs, I was happy….

All happened one morning. I opened my eyes, and there I realized that every single detail, every happiness I gained was just a glimpse of a dream. You were a dream, you were never true, you were just a part of a dream.