Their love from first sight

It never occurred to him,  he never really thought about it, it was nearly impossible in his eyes, but it happened, like struck of lightening, like a flash of light, like a blink of the eye.

His heart was hers, of that he was sure. She was smiling, caring, friendly and loving, he thought she was his. Whenever he sees her, he starts daydreaming, building sand castles in his mind, imagining his life merge with hers. Looking at her made him smile, and when his hand accidentally brushes her skin it made shivers go through his spine. He was happy and he didn’t care about what the world would say, to each his was to live his own fairy tale.

It was when he saw her looking at another’s eyes that all began to shatter. There was a new shine in her eyes he never saw before, she was talking without opening her mouth, he could hear the pounding of her heart every time their eyes met, the beautiful curve of the smile her mouth drew when she hears his voice. He saw how they were drawn to each other, how love struck from the moment they touched. He saw new dreams being build up but not in his mind, he saw his own dreams vanishing into the void of his imagination.

He turned his head away, hid his tears with one of his seducing smile, walking away was the best option he had, fairy tales do exist… just not for him!

Who am I?!

Who am I?!
I am the one different from all the others. I am the one who sometimes they call rebel and unique, I am the one who doesn’t care about everyone else, who doesn’t follow any rule, who doesn’t think much, who takes the leap.
Who am I?!
I am the one whoses likes and dislikes would surprise you. I am the one who likes rock music, who would enjoys watching football games with you, who likes cars and motorcycles, who would stand still to admire a muscle car passing by.
Who am I?!
I am the one who is calm, but who has a volcano underneath it all. I am the one with a bad temper sometimes for nothing, who could hit a wall if angry, who would not stand still in front of unfairness.
Who am I?!
I am the one whose heart you’ve reached, I am the one whose soul you’ve touched, I am the one whose life you’ve changed…
Who am ?!
I am the luckiest one when I am right next to you…

The wait

It’s the waiting that is the hardest time of them all. You see after falling down, fighting your fears and getting up again, time comes to wait. You wait for that special moment to arrive, for that moment where everything seems out of logic, where everything fall out in place, where nothing else matters. And still you wait… for that moment when you thank all the forces of the universe for leading you here, for all the previous fallings and fightings because because of them you are where you are at that specific moment. And you wait… for this person who will capture you in a glimpse,for those eyes that will reflect your soul, that will share your dreams. And you wait and wait and wait….. And a moment, a really magical moment will come when you realize that it’s finally here. You see those eyes, they whisper to your once broken soul, and you know that everything was worth it, that your wait has finally ended…

Happy Birthday

Tonight I raise my glass for you

For all the moments that will come

For all what we’ve been through

Hoping that all your worries will succumb.


Tonight I raise my glass for you

For your arms around my waist

For all the joy and laughter, and for the tears too

And especially for those enchanting eyes on my face.


Tonight let’s raise our glasses and forget all the blame

Just remember happiness and love with its inside flame.


Tonight I raise my glass for you

I wish you well and all and here’s the rest

I surely hope it will all come true

Because you surely deserve the best.


I wish you a life full of health, joy, fun and without any regret,

For you to be surrounded by people you love and who love you back.

May you find your half who will make you forget

The whole world and will keep you on the Love Track.


Tonight I raise my glass in your way…

And I send you a sincere Happy Birthday!


The dance

The crowded room was suddenly emptied. The music was still on, the lights were still shimmering, but in that room that night there was only the two of them, or at least that was what she felt.

Like a magnet, she felt herself drawn toward him, it was like some strange breeze carried her through the distance between them until she found that they were facing each other, so close that she could feel his breath on her cheek.

With the most gentle touch, with the most caring smile, he compelled her with the most soothing embrace. Time stopped, everything vanished, all the differences, all the troubles, all the damage that might result, all was gone. She was feeling his body moving next to hers, his eyes tracing the lines of her face, his breath equally even with every sigh of her.

She looked deep into his eyes, opening a window to her soul through those dark eyes of hers, wanting to say all what she was feeling, all the emotions that were struggling inside of her heart, but she couldn’t, she just kept staring at him.

She felt herself getting on the tip of her toes, reaching for him, wanting her lips to brush against his mouth, tightening her hands around his neck… just then, the music stopped, the room got filled again with the people, the distance between them grew more and more, she found herself standing where she was when everything started, she saw him standing across the room not knowing what happened in her mind. She smiled remembering every step, every move they made. She turned her back to the dance floor, headed back to the table and all the time she kept smiling even though it was all just a dream…