The wait

It’s the waiting that is the hardest time of them all. You see after falling down, fighting your fears and getting up again, time comes to wait. You wait for that special moment to arrive, for that moment where everything seems out of logic, where everything fall out in place, where nothing else matters. And still you wait… for that moment when you thank all the forces of the universe for leading you here, for all the previous fallings and fightings because because of them you are where you are at that specific moment. And you wait… for this person who will capture you in a glimpse,for those eyes that will reflect your soul, that will share your dreams. And you wait and wait and wait….. And a moment, a really magical moment will come when you realize that it’s finally here. You see those eyes, they whisper to your once broken soul, and you know that everything was worth it, that your wait has finally ended…


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