Their love from first sight

It never occurred to him,  he never really thought about it, it was nearly impossible in his eyes, but it happened, like struck of lightening, like a flash of light, like a blink of the eye.

His heart was hers, of that he was sure. She was smiling, caring, friendly and loving, he thought she was his. Whenever he sees her, he starts daydreaming, building sand castles in his mind, imagining his life merge with hers. Looking at her made him smile, and when his hand accidentally brushes her skin it made shivers go through his spine. He was happy and he didn’t care about what the world would say, to each his was to live his own fairy tale.

It was when he saw her looking at another’s eyes that all began to shatter. There was a new shine in her eyes he never saw before, she was talking without opening her mouth, he could hear the pounding of her heart every time their eyes met, the beautiful curve of the smile her mouth drew when she hears his voice. He saw how they were drawn to each other, how love struck from the moment they touched. He saw new dreams being build up but not in his mind, he saw his own dreams vanishing into the void of his imagination.

He turned his head away, hid his tears with one of his seducing smile, walking away was the best option he had, fairy tales do exist… just not for him!


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