Old ticket

Tonight I needed comfort, I needed your company.
Tonight I needed to be wrapped in your arms, to rest my head on your shoulder, to burry my face in the sweet fabric of your shirt, to listen to the beating of your heart.
So I took it out, that piece of paper that is worth nothing, that paper that said that I went to a certain monument, that old ticket.
Maybe I should throw it away, it’s only a piece of paper after all! But for me, it’s my ticket to the last moments we spent together.
So I took that old ticket out and it took me straight to you…
It took me to where I could touch you again, to where I can brush my lips over yours, to where you once wiped out my tears with your touch.
I took that old ticket out and it took me days and days back to a moment I call my happy place, to where I’d rather be right now.
But you see, tonight I searched for your company…. but your company I did not get…..

How much can I write?

How much can I write in a week?
How many words can describe what is in my heart for you?
How many stories I can imagine?
On how many clouds I can sit on and dream about you?
Well. My dearest one, I can write a poem every time you appear in my dreams, and that’s every night just to be clear.
I can write infinite poems for each time I daydream that you are opening the door to come back home to me.
I can write stories every time my thoughts take me back to the moments we spent together.
I can write too many words to describe you, your eyes, your smile, your voice and even the way you fix your glasses on your face because you are always on my mind.
I can go on and on about every detail we shared, about all the feelings I have for you because from here to the moon?! No! From here to the sun and back…


It was a new dawn, it was a new day, it was a new year, and with a new year come new resolutions.
I spent my time not dancing, nor singing, I spent it thinking what my first resolution would be.
Time flew by and nothing came to my mind.
Time flew by and eventually I started dancing and mingling with people I have never met before, and then I noticed that my heart had started to skip a beat, that my eyes were closing every time I was smelling that fragrance you were wearing. And I was moving with you, completing every step you were making, and at the end of the night, I felt as if I have known you for as long as I can remember.
It was a new dawn, a new day, a new year and you made me decide my first resolution the moment you took my hand to dance, the moment I smiled shyly, I decided to rewrite Romance…

Pour te souhaiter une bonne Saint Valentin…

Mon amour, je t’écris avec cette langue oubliée dans mon actuel

Il m’a fallut du temps pour rendre ces mots sensuels…

C’est ce que je sens avec toi… c’est comme si je vole dans le ciel

Haut, très haut… loin de tout ce qui est réel

Et c’est avec toi  que j’ai connu cette joie exceptionnelle

La joie de vivre, d’être à toi, de connaître l’amour avec sa définition universelle.

Mon coeur, ce que je dis est vrai et considéré comme officiel

Il décrit tout ce que je ressens et qui sort de l’habituel

C’est comme si je tournais dans la magie d’un carrousel…

Heure après heure je pense à toi! Je suis devenue obsessionnelle!

Et bien voilà! J’aimerais toujours garder dans mon coeur cette étincelle

La cacher au fin fond de mon coeur d’une façon définitive et perpétuelle…

Seeking pain

They told me my art mattered and it wasn’t in vain

They asked me how I could this creativity maintain

How a few words of mine could storm brain

My answer was simple, it was what all my poems contain

So I seek pain…


It made me write and it made me rhyme again and again

It made words come out easily to keep me on the writing train

It made my head go to the clouds, it was my personal kind of cocaine

I thought without it all I would go insane

So I seek pain…


Then you came along and you made me happy

You took it all away when your eyes looked down at me

You took me on the sweetest ride to the Love alley

And now my words are rhyming without my heart being hurt so badly

And goodbye to all the pain…