How much can I write?

How much can I write in a week?
How many words can describe what is in my heart for you?
How many stories I can imagine?
On how many clouds I can sit on and dream about you?
Well. My dearest one, I can write a poem every time you appear in my dreams, and that’s every night just to be clear.
I can write infinite poems for each time I daydream that you are opening the door to come back home to me.
I can write stories every time my thoughts take me back to the moments we spent together.
I can write too many words to describe you, your eyes, your smile, your voice and even the way you fix your glasses on your face because you are always on my mind.
I can go on and on about every detail we shared, about all the feelings I have for you because from here to the moon?! No! From here to the sun and back…


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