Just a wish

Last night I was looking at the clear skies
When I saw a shooting star flashing in front of my eyes
I felt inside of my quiet heart a rising flame
That’s when I didn’t make a wish, I just said your name…

And suddenly I realised what it meant
I realised what I was wishing for and to what extent
I was wishing if you could be mine again
I was wishing for you so you end my pain…

I wished to see you in front of me for just one sec
To smell your perfume and wrap my arms around your neck
To kiss you on the cheeks, to kiss your lips
And you hold me tight by putting your arms around my hips

I wished all that with my eyes turning to red
Because who knew you will only be just a wish in my head…



Tonight, I went down on my knees and prayed
Prayed for peace in my heart, prayed for God’s aid
Prayed for Him to take my hand and guide my way
Prayed like I have never prayed till this day

I prayed to find a heart that has been lost
I prayed for you to find yourself at any cost
I prayed for you to open your eyes and see
That I am by your side like I promised I would be

Tonight I went down on my knees and begged from all my heart
For you to think clearly so we can never again be apart


Love stories

Like the love Juliette had for Romeo, I love you
Like Cleopatra needed Mark Anthony, I need you
Just like Helen of Troy and Paris, I will defy empires for you
And like Isolde and Tristan, I would let the whole world down for you

These love stories are the base of what I believe in
These stories make me dream of what might have been
If our ending was a bit different
If we had nursed carefully our love that was so innocent

And today, I live trying hard not to grieve
Because just like them, in Love I will always believe…

Last farewell

I didn’t know that day would have on me that effect…

I didn’t know that it would be the last picture of you my eyes kept

Was it the last time I see your face!? I didn’t really tell

Because my dear now I know, that day was our last farewell…


I wish I held you close to my heart for some more time

Took advantage of the moments when you used to be mine

I wish I told you again and again how for you my heart fell

Because Baby now I know, that day was our last farewell…


I wish I had given you many more last kisses

I wish I told you that you were in every one of my wishes

I wish I wasn’t to that extent under your charming spell

Because Dearest one now I know, that day was our last farewell…


And in that day I dropped from Heaven and started to live in Hell

Because my Love now I know, that day was our last farewell…


Goodbye_my_lover_by_korny_pnk (1)






A night like any other

It was late, and sleep was something she had been lacking lately, so she dragged herself out of the world her reading made exist to go to that empty bed that awaits for her dreams every night. She curled up in a ball under her sheets hugging herself tightly so a warm feeling of comfort begins to invade her. She had been like that for two weeks now, and nothing had changed, she wasn’t getting better, she wasn’t feeling less hurt or broken. Under her sheets, she closed her eyes hoping that sleep will soon take over.

But she didn’t know that on the other side in her dream world, he was waiting for her. He had been waiting for her every night ever since he left, and she knew it was the only place and the only time where she could be with him once again. And in her deep sleep, she smiled…

But just like every night, she saw him leaving, letting her go, and moving on to a life where she doesn’t matter anymore. Like every night, she faced the inevitable, and even in her reverie world where everything is possible, she was alone at the end of the dream just like on every single night.

She woke up, her pillow and face wet from her tears, her hands curled into fists in the sheets, her breathing quick and difficult. She drank a glass of water in an attempt to calm herself down, curled back into a human ball while hugging herself without feeling any comfort at all. He was gone, she was here thinking about him, wishing he was near, wishing someone would understand how much she believed in him and her, wishing he would see it too.

So again she prayed for sleep, but this time, she let go her guard and sobbed and let new tears fall down again until she fell out of alertness…



A moment

It’s nothing but a moment of your time
It may worth for some less than a dime
It’s a moment just like a beat of the heart
But it’s a moment where everything comes to a halt
And then you can see it with your own eyes
It’s like you won the jackpot, the biggest prize
It’s a moment where you can hear with your own ears
The voice that will make you smile and forget all your tears

It’s nothing but a moment in a million years
That will bring you through time all the worth having souvenirs
And for that particular moment I would gladly trade
A handful of days because for me it’s worth more than a decade…


يا عيوني

يا عيوني لا بقا تدمعي
حبيبك خلص قلبو بطل معي
رسمك عندو صار صفحة طواها الزمان
بعرف صعبة تنسي هاك الوج اللي كان
ببسمة منو يخليكي متل نجوم اللي بالسما تلمعي

يا قلبي دخيلك لا تزيد عليي حسرتي
راح اللي كان سبب كل فرحتي
راح و تركك عم ترجف رجفة بردان
و احترقت تتصير متل الرماد الطاير بطي النسيان
و صرت شوي شوي تموت و تختفي

آخ يا زمن كيف معي برم الدولاب
تصير شقفة ذكرى عند أغلى الأحباب

The lonely man

Sitting in the dark, with this dim light of moonlight, his eyes are only seeing the smoke he is puffing out of his mouth. The only thing coming to his mind is the image of that girl lost in his memories, her face so serene and calm, her eyes wet with tears, but with a smile drawn on her lips.
He could only hear her husky voice whispering the I love you with some magic, he could hear her clearly as if she was just next to him… oh how he wishes if she was right here next to him…
And for some moments, he let his imagination drift him away to a crossroad he once crossed, to the path he didn’t chose, to a life where they are together, sharing the same life, and in this particular moment the whole world doesn’t matter anymore, they are together and this is all that counts…
Closing his eyes, he let himself dream, and then he opens them to see the smoke coming out his cigarette in the dim moonlight.
With a smile full of sadness, he put his cigarette in the ashtray, let it be consumed slowly, and draggs himself to bed all alone wondering if his soul mate who is miles and miles away is even thinking about him and his loneliness.


Wake me up

My sweet love,
I am writing this letter to you hoping that it will reach you somehow.
I had a nightmare last night, and I think I may still be in it.
I was wandering a foreign city but well known, but I was wandering all alone. I was lost, I was getting scared with every minute, and I was searching for you.
I looked everywhere, in every street, down every alley but you were nowhere to be found. I tried so hard to call you, to shout your name in the streets, but my lips were left sealed, I couldn’t even pronounce your name.
With time passing, I tried to look for your face in all those shadows walking by me.
Until now, I am still searching and trying to call your sweet name without any response.
My dearest one, I need you so badly to wake me up, to wrap your arms around me and save me from this nightmare.
Baby, please, just wake me up!



حبيبي، بكرت عليي الفلة كتير
رحت و أخدت قلبي معك أسير
و إذا بتسألني شو بني و ليش البكي و النحيب
بضيعوا كل كلماتي و ما بيبقى إلا راح الحبيب
صعبة خبر من بعدك بحالي شو صار
صعبة فسرليش انقلب نهاري ليل و ليلي نهار
صرت ضيع عالطرقات اللي مشيناها إيد بإيد
و صرت شوفك بكل زاوية و عكل مفرق و وجعي يزيد
و قعدت قدام البحر مطرح ما قعدنا نحنا و عشاق
إشكي همي للموج و خبر قديش قلبي إلك مشتاق
و أنا إحكي و دموعي تنزل متل شي نهر غزير
!تاختفت الغصة و صرخ صوتي حبيبي كان بعد بكير