What if…

What if I take a leap…
What if I stand on the edge of the roof of the highest building, open my arms wide and just let myself fall into the future…
What if I take a run?!
What if I race on the sand along the coast of my life?!
What if I fly high?!
What if I let the wind of my destiny carry me high in the skies?!
What will I find?!
Will I found you?!
Or will I just find a dull life without your face?!
Right now I am on the sidewalks of my life, waiting for you… and in that dark tunnel that is my life, I found a torch with the bright light shining from your eyes to lead me along the way.
What if you take my hand, and you and I, together, hand in hand, we walk through it…
What if we walk it till the end…


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