Everybody was looking down at that glass shape lying at their feet, I was looking at them. I was seeing each and everyone of my dearest friends and members of my family. I was seeing them all looking in pain at me, a me trapped inside that glass box, a me that was trying to understand what was happening around her. I started to call out their names one after the other, and one by one they weren’t answering.

I felt the cold beneath me, my breath was not even anymore, my eyes were wide with terror, and I started to shout while kicking and punching the thick glass around me. They were around me but as if they weren’t seeing me, they said their goodbyes, they gave up on me, and slowly were lowering me into the cold dark water.

My last memory was that I was fighting the thick material that was keeping me prisoner, my hands and feet were punching and kicking in all directions, and the last thing I heard was my own voice screaming “Help! Get me out! I am alive! I can see you! Help me please! Get me out! Somebody get me out of here!!! Please! Please!!!! Anyone!!!”

At the moment they let go definitely of me, I saw your face… it was the last thing I saw before I was swallowed by the water…






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