Wake me up

My sweet love,
I am writing this letter to you hoping that it will reach you somehow.
I had a nightmare last night, and I think I may still be in it.
I was wandering a foreign city but well known, but I was wandering all alone. I was lost, I was getting scared with every minute, and I was searching for you.
I looked everywhere, in every street, down every alley but you were nowhere to be found. I tried so hard to call you, to shout your name in the streets, but my lips were left sealed, I couldn’t even pronounce your name.
With time passing, I tried to look for your face in all those shadows walking by me.
Until now, I am still searching and trying to call your sweet name without any response.
My dearest one, I need you so badly to wake me up, to wrap your arms around me and save me from this nightmare.
Baby, please, just wake me up!



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