The lonely man

Sitting in the dark, with this dim light of moonlight, his eyes are only seeing the smoke he is puffing out of his mouth. The only thing coming to his mind is the image of that girl lost in his memories, her face so serene and calm, her eyes wet with tears, but with a smile drawn on her lips.
He could only hear her husky voice whispering the I love you with some magic, he could hear her clearly as if she was just next to him… oh how he wishes if she was right here next to him…
And for some moments, he let his imagination drift him away to a crossroad he once crossed, to the path he didn’t chose, to a life where they are together, sharing the same life, and in this particular moment the whole world doesn’t matter anymore, they are together and this is all that counts…
Closing his eyes, he let himself dream, and then he opens them to see the smoke coming out his cigarette in the dim moonlight.
With a smile full of sadness, he put his cigarette in the ashtray, let it be consumed slowly, and draggs himself to bed all alone wondering if his soul mate who is miles and miles away is even thinking about him and his loneliness.



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