Happy Anniversary

Tonight is our anniversary!
So I put on the dress that you most like
I put some make up on but I kept it light
You would say your eyes are glistening
Just like the stars in the sky shining.
The table is set with your favourite food
I even lit up some candles to add a cozy mood.
I poured into our glasses some red wine
And sat across your chair so we could dine.

I take a final look around me with tears falling down my face
It’s getting clearer that idea that I can’t embrace
I am sitting with two plates on the table but I’m all alone
I am raising my glass toward a you that is long gone.
So I cry some more until loneliness takes me little by little
I try hard to ease the pain of my heart that became so brittle.

Tonight was meant to be about you and me
So I raise my glass again like it was supposed to be
And with a sobbing cry I say: “Happy Anniversary”…


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