What’s left

What is it? Why are you so sad?
Go to the places where we once were, sit on the benches where we used to sit. Remember our talks, remember our laughter and smile again.
You miss me?
Go to my favourite store, pick up my favourite perfume and smell it hard. Smell it so you can remember how I used to smell next to you.
You crave for my touch?
Lie on what once was our bed and hug my pillow. Close your eyes and recall me lying there smiling with my arms around you.
You feel nostalgic?
Go to my pictures, look at my face full of joy, look at my eyes filled with life, look at my laugh.

Look at me, try to smell me, try to hear my voice, try to feel my touch because all that’s left of me is a shadow in the setting sun. Soon the light will be gone and darkness will take over the shadows…



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