Closing eyes

As her lids were shutting, she realised she had a lot to lose although she had nothing. But she had a life full of family and friends.
In those moments, she wished the messages in her head would be delivered to everyone, the ones expressing her love as the ones showing her disgust.
She wasn’t ready to let go, not yet.
She was trying to fight it, trying to keep the light coming in through her closing lids.
She was trying hard.
Her life flashed in front of her just like watching a movie. She saw her little self growing up, making friends, saying goodbyes, laughing, crying.
She saw the family she adores and wished she was closer to them, she saw the friends she loves and thanked them for being them, and last, she saw him, his face, his eyes and she wished if he only knew…
His face, his eyes… and she closed her eyes and drifted away.



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