Daddy’s little girl

January 4th 1985. It was the first time I saw you, your big hands reaching for me, putting me on your lap and I heard my favorite lullaby ever.

It was you, my hero, my protector…

So cheers! To every moment we spent together, to every smile that was painted on our faces, to every proud moment you felt, to that sparkle in your eyes whenever you look at me, to the joy that comes with a dream accomplished, to my life with you past, present and future.

And know that I love you so much, because whatever happens, and no matter how much I age, I will always be “Daddy’s little girl”!

To you Daddy!

Eager to meet you

To my person Jo. May all your dreams come true.

If  I see you right now, I would smile, I would hold you close to my heart, I would kiss your cheeks, I would sing you a lullaby.

If you are in my life right now, you would make me smile, you would make me laugh, you would make me worry, you would even make me cry, but above all, you would rule my world.

I love you!

But you, you don’t exist yet! It’s a little early for you to come… Even though, child in my dreams, I’m just eager to meet you!