What if….?!

What if… there are so many!

What if I went somewhere else

What if I wasn’t playing the notes

What if that night I walked away

What if I didn’t call

What if I wasn’t in the mood for a road trip

What if I gave up earlier

What if…

But here’s the thing

I wouldn’t have spent enjoying all this time

I wouldn’t have learned that much

I wouldn’t have had all those memories 

I wouldn’t be writing what I am writing now

Because some mistakes are meant to be made and to tell you the truth… you were the best mistake I have ever made…

A guy walks into a bar

A guy walks into a bar
He is there with a friend
Although he’s smiling, he is hiding a scar
He’s there to forget a certain end

He looks at the liquid in his glass
Wishing it could melt his frozen heart
He’s just waiting for time to pass
Wondering if he’s going to have a new start

But there she is smiling
Inviting him to a new story
And there he is hesitating
Thinking about that girl in his memory

A guy walks into a bar
He has a choice to make
Between a new story and an old scar
What option will he take?