Four of a kind

So let me make this as simple as possible. What are we? Who are we!?
There is the crazy one, the one you can rely on when you need something really off the chart to be done, the one who makes you laugh, who creates the jokes with you.
There is the shy artist one who is always there for you and who, deep down, is the one who loves to live, to make a mark. He is the one you rely on with anything concerning the magic of arts, the one you rely on to make memories immortal.
And then there is a really original one! She is like living in her own world with no worries and where everything is nearly perfect.  She is the one you rely on to calm you down, to tell you that time will fix it all, and that everything seems magically more beautiful when it’s own time comes.
And last, you have the rebellious one. The one who hates rules, borders and limits. The one who is a heavy dreamer and sensible but who is crazy enough to rip everything apart if wrongly treated, you can rely on that.
In a perfect world, we don’t match, we are not even close. But in my world, we are the best foursome, and for better or for worse, we will always be there for each other.



I keep you alive
Keep you from not going insane
I make you smile
Make you forget all the pain

There are no fears
No place for tears
Happiness rules
It’s for the intelligent, for the fools

I am a land that cannot be found
I exist on no ground
I am under your bed
You imagine me in your head

To see me use your imagination
Join craziness to your creation
I will be as far as the reach of your hand
With a sign: “Welcome to Neverland”