Princes and Frogs

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived happily at her father’s palace.
And one day, she met a frog…
The frog turned out to be a cursed prince… they fell in love… and lived happily ever after.
That’s the fairytale!
In life, that’s how it happens but in some cases it just doesn’t!
It’s all about kissing frogs and turning them into princes! Or kissing dead girls and bringing them back to life!
In my life, I have kissed a lot of frogs… some turned into princes for other princesses and some, well, they just stayed frogs!
They are two types of people, the princes and the frogs or the dead princesses and the evil witches.
So the question that relies here is are you a cursed prince or just a frog!?!
Or really… am I that dead!?!?!



A moment to think

Gather all the wishes
Gather all the shooting stars
Gather all those sweet kisses
Gather all the prayers
Gather them all
And take a moment to think
What makes them whole
What’s their link
Just when you are out of thoughts
Just when you decide you are done
Linking all the dots
Know that you are the one…
Know that you have won…


Who am I?!

Who am I?!
I am the one different from all the others. I am the one who sometimes they call rebel and unique, I am the one who doesn’t care about everyone else, who doesn’t follow any rule, who doesn’t think much, who takes the leap.
Who am I?!
I am the one whoses likes and dislikes would surprise you. I am the one who likes rock music, who would enjoys watching football games with you, who likes cars and motorcycles, who would stand still to admire a muscle car passing by.
Who am I?!
I am the one who is calm, but who has a volcano underneath it all. I am the one with a bad temper sometimes for nothing, who could hit a wall if angry, who would not stand still in front of unfairness.
Who am I?!
I am the one whose heart you’ve reached, I am the one whose soul you’ve touched, I am the one whose life you’ve changed…
Who am ?!
I am the luckiest one when I am right next to you…