​I was a lost little bird

My vision was blurred

Then came along an inspiration 

The best version of salvation

Maybe it was the melody

Maybe pure chemistry
And in the perfect bubble the bird grew

It started to walk, it even flew

In the perfect bubble, with every joined heartbeat

The world scrambled at its feet

With every pulse, every step of the way 

You were there to give a sense to every day
Inside the bubble or out

Through every certainty, every doubt 

You are the right to my wrong

Fly with me… tag along…

Leaving the nest

He stands at the edge. In front of him are all the possibilities, all the future, behind him are all his siblings, all his past.
He stands there and thinks.
In front of him is the unknown, and behind him is the security he knows.
He stands there and looks ahead.
He envisions the jump he is about to make, at the risks he is taking, at the things he is leaving.
He might fall, he might never recover, but he might fly so high, he might succeed.
And just in that moment, he thinks about the only thing he has, he thinks about his belief.
And just like that, the little bird spread his wings and takes the leap…