Closing eyes

As her lids were shutting, she realised she had a lot to lose although she had nothing. But she had a life full of family and friends.
In those moments, she wished the messages in her head would be delivered to everyone, the ones expressing her love as the ones showing her disgust.
She wasn’t ready to let go, not yet.
She was trying to fight it, trying to keep the light coming in through her closing lids.
She was trying hard.
Her life flashed in front of her just like watching a movie. She saw her little self growing up, making friends, saying goodbyes, laughing, crying.
She saw the family she adores and wished she was closer to them, she saw the friends she loves and thanked them for being them, and last, she saw him, his face, his eyes and she wished if he only knew…
His face, his eyes… and she closed her eyes and drifted away.


Knife of fire

A notebook left for the dust to write on it

A pen left for the wind to dry the ink from it

Some words left hanging on in the air

Some feelings that my heart cannot bear


I leave it all

There is no return

I had fell my fall

And it used the hard way to make me learn


What I deserve, what I desire

Is just a knife that sets my heart on fire

Left behind

A heart left behind

A soul left broken

A face always on my mind

But the door isn’t left open


A smile that reflects a lot

Some sadness some regrets

Forget you that I cannot

And I am left in such a mess


The waiting had come to an end

My heart will be given to another one

My feelings are banned and I am left to pretend

To your memory I aimed and fired my gun

Qui Suis-Je?

Qui suis-je?

Je n’ai ne de premier ni de dernier

Mon tout ne s’est pas arrêté de se plaidoyer

A moi tous les mots de l’amour ont été attribués

Pour me trouver cherche dans ton coeur et arrête de tournoyer.


Qui suis-je?

Je suis un tout, je suis un rien

Je suis à toi, je t’appartiens

Entre nous est incassable le lien

Pour me trouver, ferme les yeux et rêve bien.


Qui suis-je?

Je suis la reine absolue de ta vie

Je suis son emperatrice depuis que je l’ai envahie

Je suis ton tout même si tu le nies

Pour me trouver, résous la plus grande énigme à ton avis.

One day…

One day we will be by the window to watch the pouring rain

One day we will prove that Love will always remain

One day we will surpass and let go of all our pain

One day we will have our bloods run in one vein…


One day we will give up all that misery

One day we will dance out every memory

One day we will grow old while living the extraordinary

One day we will celebrate, for the hundredth time, our anniversary…


One day I will be waiting at the door where the truth is due

One day the door will open and it will be you…




They were eyes full of desire
A look that could set any heart on fire
But mine was far from being consoled
So my heart, it just stayed cold…

They were words to make you dream
To make your whole world gleam
With dreams and visions that mattered
But my dreams, they just stayed shattered…

I was keeping my eyes on his face
Keeping my thoughts from going to another place
I focused hard to get every memory erased
But my efforts, they just went to waste…

It felt so wrong because I knew
I hated him because he wasn’t you…

Dans le froid de Janvier

C’était une nuit éclairée

Par toutes les couleurs diffusées des Champs Elysées.

Dans un pub, deux inconnus se sont rencontrés

Profitant de la magie de la grande cité

Il était son printemps juste au milieu de Janvier

Elle était le sourire réchauffant que la vie lui accordait.

Mais le temps change, les amours se cassent et tout s’est éffondré.

C’est la vie qui joue des sals tours, elle les a séparés.

Tout court, ils se sont quittés

Pour laisser leurs coeurs à jamais dans le froid de Janvier…



A pain

Lately, there is this weird pain in my chest. A pain in my heart, a pain that consumes me.

Lately, people are saying that I became addicted to that pain. Addicted to a point that it’s driving my every move.

That pain in my heart makes me dream, makes me cry and makes me laugh.

Lately, I have a pain in my heart. A pain that makes me wake up in the middle of the night, makes me remember moments I want to forget.

Lately, I have a pain in my heart. A pain that is my drug, a pain that makes want more.

Lately, I have a pain in my heart that reminds me of you, of everything you were, of all that we were.

Lately, I have a pain in my heart, and I fell in love with it because, simply, you caused it…



I see you everywhere!
I rested my head on my pillow and willed myself to sleep. I forced all the thoughts out of my head and closed my eyes.
In the whispers of the night, I heard your voice, and in the mist of my dreams, I saw your face. I was pulled towards you, I sensed my craving for your touch and I smiled…
In what appeared to be a dream, you were real, you talked, I smiled, we walked hand in hand, we sat side by side.
In what appeared to be a dream, I was in our heaven!
When my subconscious refused to give me more, I opened my eyes, I was back to reality, our heaven was no longer near, and you remain the sweetest stranger in my life…


I miss her

How do I feel?
I miss her!
I miss her smile, I miss her laughter, I even miss seeing her cry!
I miss her voice waking me up in the morning, I miss her hello as much as I miss her goodbye.
I miss her there by my side, I miss how her words made me feel home even when we were apart.
I miss having her in my arms, having her head on my chest, I miss how she used to tilt her head so she can look at my face, I miss her dark eyes locked with mine.
I miss all the little things about her, the smell of her perfume, how she flips her head to the side and smile, how she used to make my heart skip a beat with the echo of her laughter.
How do I feel?! I just miss her!