Ghost of the past

Ghost of the past
You hit again
Tightened your embrace fast
Reminded me of a forgotten pain
You are a mist
Hovering over my day
You weren’t missed
While being away

But there you are
I couldn’t see through
Everything was a blur
So my sadness grew

And out of the shade
He came
To my aid
He just called my name
He soothed my fear
I followed his voice
You started to disappear
And I started to rejoice

Ghost of the past, you were gone…
A voice, a pair of eyes became a new dawn…

Who am I?!

Who am I?!
I am the one different from all the others. I am the one who sometimes they call rebel and unique, I am the one who doesn’t care about everyone else, who doesn’t follow any rule, who doesn’t think much, who takes the leap.
Who am I?!
I am the one whoses likes and dislikes would surprise you. I am the one who likes rock music, who would enjoys watching football games with you, who likes cars and motorcycles, who would stand still to admire a muscle car passing by.
Who am I?!
I am the one who is calm, but who has a volcano underneath it all. I am the one with a bad temper sometimes for nothing, who could hit a wall if angry, who would not stand still in front of unfairness.
Who am I?!
I am the one whose heart you’ve reached, I am the one whose soul you’ve touched, I am the one whose life you’ve changed…
Who am ?!
I am the luckiest one when I am right next to you…