Behind the door

Standing in the door frame
My life laid in front of me
All the mistakes, all the shame
All the hopes, the things that were supposed to be.

All of it was in front of my face
All the feelings and what comes with them of illusions
Each happy and sad moment, every place
All the dreams, all the delusions…

And I smiled…

From every tear, a lesson was learned
And every fear made me stronger
There was a lot of souvenirs I earned
And all those slips made me stand taller.

In front of my past I stood
And then looked into your eyes
That’s when I understood
What a shining star you are in my skies…

It’s a moment of joy, you set me free
So I took your hand and closed the door behind me…


Hush hush

Hush hush, baby don’t cry
Let those tears on your face dry
I’m going to sing to you a lullaby
So you can know why…

Hush hush, your life is hard I know
Every day you put on a show
With a smile, with a glow
That goes with the lightest blow…

Hush hush little one, I feel it
I’ve been there and I get it
But you won’t give up, won’t quit
I know little girl, you’re going to make it…

Hush hush, there’s a lot to tell
You will fight for good, you will rebel
Then you will fall just where I fell
But no worries! You always find a heaven in this hell…

Hush hush, the show goes on
But after all said and done
Each pain will be gone
And you will learn to enjoy every new dawn…

Hush hush, look where you’re going to be
Little girl, the confused heartbroken little version of me…


Smile at me

Smile at me, make me whole again.
Smile at me, let me forget everything else.
Let me drown in your world, let me ignore the rest. Just smile at me, bring me back to life.
Smile at me, for the fools at the intelligence table, for the irony of life, for the pains in the world, for what’s worth and for the worthless, smile and turn the wrongs into rights.
Smile at me, let your eyes shine, let my stars be bright again, let my sky have its sun back.
Smile at me, it’s who you are, it’s how I know you, it’s how the world pictures you.
Smile at me, it’s what I love, it’s what makes me want to look at you and stare, what makes me find a lost meaning.
Those lips slightly parted, those teeth, those eyes shining, that face illuminating… it’s what rules my dreams.
Smile at me because I love it.
Smile at me, I love you…


Ghost of the past

Ghost of the past
You hit again
Tightened your embrace fast
Reminded me of a forgotten pain
You are a mist
Hovering over my day
You weren’t missed
While being away

But there you are
I couldn’t see through
Everything was a blur
So my sadness grew

And out of the shade
He came
To my aid
He just called my name
He soothed my fear
I followed his voice
You started to disappear
And I started to rejoice

Ghost of the past, you were gone…
A voice, a pair of eyes became a new dawn…

Let’s run…

Let’s run! Let’s take off somewhere where you and I will be together!
Let’s just run away! From life, from all the problems, from all those little things, let’s run!
Let’s move away from all the crap around us, let’s jump into the unknown hand in hand, we will make it no matter what!
Let’s go build a place we can call our home! Let’s take off and go away! Let’s run!


Who am I?!

Who am I?!
I am the one different from all the others. I am the one who sometimes they call rebel and unique, I am the one who doesn’t care about everyone else, who doesn’t follow any rule, who doesn’t think much, who takes the leap.
Who am I?!
I am the one whoses likes and dislikes would surprise you. I am the one who likes rock music, who would enjoys watching football games with you, who likes cars and motorcycles, who would stand still to admire a muscle car passing by.
Who am I?!
I am the one who is calm, but who has a volcano underneath it all. I am the one with a bad temper sometimes for nothing, who could hit a wall if angry, who would not stand still in front of unfairness.
Who am I?!
I am the one whose heart you’ve reached, I am the one whose soul you’ve touched, I am the one whose life you’ve changed…
Who am ?!
I am the luckiest one when I am right next to you…