I’m shining but I’m frail
My colours are beautiful but I’m pale
And under my thin veil
I’m beautiful in every detail

I’m lustrous but I’m breakable
I am irrational, I am sensational
I have ugly scars that are far from erasable
I am unique, I am irreplaceable

I’m bright, I’m cristal clear
You can see it in my eyes, see it in every tear
But through it all I’ll be there, I will even cheer
I never give up on you, I persevere

So think of me as in a display
And enjoy my smile…
Be careful and stay away…
I’m forever stamped “FRAGILE”



My tomorrow

My tomorrow…. !?
My tomorrow will be full of moments….
Moments of sadness
Moments of pleasure
Even moments of craziness
That you can’t even measure

My tomorrow will be full of people
Full of good folks
Full of bad haters
People who put up to my hopes
People who will be great at being traitors

My tomorrow will be full of pictures
Pictures where I smile
Pictures where I’m sad
Pictures taken with a bit of style
Pictures with all the good and all the bad

I will reach my highest point or my lowest
But I will aim to have a good life too
My tomorrow will be full of moments…
Moments without you…


Pour que tu le saches

Dans ce monde sombre
Mon coeur est clair
Il est sorti de la pénombre
Comme un soldat sort d’une guerre…

C’est à cause de toi…
Avec tous ces regards, ces sourirs
Tu as secouru un moi
Qui était en train de mourir…

Dans ce monde plein d’angoisse
Tu as rempli mon coeur
D’une étrange joie qui surpasse
Tout ce que j’ai en moi de peur…

Tel un manège, tel un moulin
Tu me fais tourner en rond
Et je crève pour ton toucher, un calin
Pour entendre ta voix… ce doux son…

Dans ce monde où tu me manques tellement
Le destin ne me facilite pas la tâche
Je veux crier, m’exprimer et anéantir le néant
Juste pour que tu le saches…

Hush hush

Hush hush, baby don’t cry
Let those tears on your face dry
I’m going to sing to you a lullaby
So you can know why…

Hush hush, your life is hard I know
Every day you put on a show
With a smile, with a glow
That goes with the lightest blow…

Hush hush little one, I feel it
I’ve been there and I get it
But you won’t give up, won’t quit
I know little girl, you’re going to make it…

Hush hush, there’s a lot to tell
You will fight for good, you will rebel
Then you will fall just where I fell
But no worries! You always find a heaven in this hell…

Hush hush, the show goes on
But after all said and done
Each pain will be gone
And you will learn to enjoy every new dawn…

Hush hush, look where you’re going to be
Little girl, the confused heartbroken little version of me…



The light vanished
Darkness found a way
The guardian angel perished
While chasing harm away

What was left was nearly nothing
They left a body and nothing else
A memory of a being
Forgotten by Death itself

Red surrounds the iris
The smile is long gone
The heart is in a crisis
With wounds clearly shown

Scars run along
Will they heal!?
From all what’s wrong
That turned a heart to steel

Fire within
Stop the burn
Let the healing begin
So peace could find a turn

And then melt the steel
Let there be a beat again
Let that heart feel
Don’t let it go in vain


Family photo

1..2..3… Cheese!
Your photo in white is amazing
Your smile is breathtaking!
Put it in a frame
And keep the flame
That makes your face glow
That’s the only you’ll ever know

1… 2… 3…. Smile!
Your wrinkles started showing
Your children around you are smiling
You’re proud of your family
And you’re still together happily
Against all odds and for better or worse
Life couldn’t have taken a better course

1….. 2…. 3…. No picture this year!
He played till the end his final act
Left you here by yourself trapped
You know everybody is around
But it’s not the same since you laid him in the ground
Your King is definitely gone
All you got is family photos and a broken bond

I digged out the past

Today, I digged out the past
All the moments from my memory
All the sad parts, all the blast
I got it all out of my directory

My memories laid all in front of me
I stared and I remembered
And then one by one I set them free
I am done being anchored

One by one pictures were torn apart
One by one lyrics left the songs
It’s eradication before a new start
It’s rectifying all the wrongs

And one by one, my wounds healed
And my sadness went away
All my scars had been concealed
I am ready for whatever comes my way

Today, I digged out the past
I put it all on display
And Oh! It was a blast
When I saw your face at the end of the day.