A moment to think

Gather all the wishes
Gather all the shooting stars
Gather all those sweet kisses
Gather all the prayers
Gather them all
And take a moment to think
What makes them whole
What’s their link
Just when you are out of thoughts
Just when you decide you are done
Linking all the dots
Know that you are the one…
Know that you have won…



Tonight like any of the other nights
I look at the skies
At the city lights
And see your eyes

Imagine the sweetest song
It’s directed your way
I send it from far long
So you hear me as down you lay

Close your eyes love
Let happiness surround us two
I pray for God above
So he will always be with you

May dreams surround you
And nightmares vanish
May angels guard you
And the harm banish

Last, I send you a kiss
Sweet and light
It’s such a bliss
Telling you goodnight