A glass of wine

It was a glass of wine then,
It’s a glass of wine now.
I was in a dream then,
I am in hell now.

Same colour, same red
I poured it quietly
I awakening something dead
I wanted to drift out of sobriety.

With every drop, a moment emerged
An innocent instant, a memory
With every drop the pain submerged
It is painful, it’s killing me.

It touched my lips
Like you did
I let the liquid slowly drip
Into me while closing my lids

And so I remembered for the last time
How it went out of the flow
I am committing a crime
Of letting you go….



Drowning in your lies

It’s dark in here
I can barely see the light
It’s cold in here
I can barely will myself to fight

And after my struggles to breathe
I gave up all the tries
And I realised I’m on my knees
I’m drowning in your lies

When the real wind blew
All my past went into dust
I discovered nothing was true
I was blind to give all my trust

No I won’t cry, I won’t grieve
I’m starting to see the skies
And I started again to believe
I will no longer be drowning in your lies