I remember

I remember the first time I saw you
I remember it was so sweet
I remember those eyes so blue
I remember how my heart skipped a beat

I remember our first dance
How your hands were on me
I remember every glance
It was as perfect as it can be

And I remember that kiss
That night couldn’t get any better
It was just like a bliss
I have fallen for you, it was a closed matter

And I remember you
Every move, every word
It was certainly true
You had changed my world

I remember and I will always do
That angel sent from the gods
And that angel was you
Against all odds…


Just like tulips

Just like tulips was what we had
It was so beautiful like a spell cast
And while still alive it caused me a blast
But just like tulips it died so fast

I had never guessed it won’t last
I thought it would take on the world, it was so vast
But now all it does it letting my heart being harassed
And I am left with a bunch of memories and a forgotten past

You left me broken,  you left me crashed
But just like tulips I love you as long as forever and ever last…