Knife of fire

A notebook left for the dust to write on it

A pen left for the wind to dry the ink from it

Some words left hanging on in the air

Some feelings that my heart cannot bear


I leave it all

There is no return

I had fell my fall

And it used the hard way to make me learn


What I deserve, what I desire

Is just a knife that sets my heart on fire


Left behind

A heart left behind

A soul left broken

A face always on my mind

But the door isn’t left open


A smile that reflects a lot

Some sadness some regrets

Forget you that I cannot

And I am left in such a mess


The waiting had come to an end

My heart will be given to another one

My feelings are banned and I am left to pretend

To your memory I aimed and fired my gun

Qui Suis-Je?

Qui suis-je?

Je n’ai ne de premier ni de dernier

Mon tout ne s’est pas arrêté de se plaidoyer

A moi tous les mots de l’amour ont été attribués

Pour me trouver cherche dans ton coeur et arrête de tournoyer.


Qui suis-je?

Je suis un tout, je suis un rien

Je suis à toi, je t’appartiens

Entre nous est incassable le lien

Pour me trouver, ferme les yeux et rêve bien.


Qui suis-je?

Je suis la reine absolue de ta vie

Je suis son emperatrice depuis que je l’ai envahie

Je suis ton tout même si tu le nies

Pour me trouver, résous la plus grande énigme à ton avis.

One day…

One day we will be by the window to watch the pouring rain

One day we will prove that Love will always remain

One day we will surpass and let go of all our pain

One day we will have our bloods run in one vein…


One day we will give up all that misery

One day we will dance out every memory

One day we will grow old while living the extraordinary

One day we will celebrate, for the hundredth time, our anniversary…


One day I will be waiting at the door where the truth is due

One day the door will open and it will be you…



Dans le froid de Janvier

C’était une nuit éclairée

Par toutes les couleurs diffusées des Champs Elysées.

Dans un pub, deux inconnus se sont rencontrés

Profitant de la magie de la grande cité

Il était son printemps juste au milieu de Janvier

Elle était le sourire réchauffant que la vie lui accordait.

Mais le temps change, les amours se cassent et tout s’est éffondré.

C’est la vie qui joue des sals tours, elle les a séparés.

Tout court, ils se sont quittés

Pour laisser leurs coeurs à jamais dans le froid de Janvier…



How far

I know myself…. I am the one who risks it all, goes “all in” in a game. I am the one who follows her heart, who closes her eyes and just takes the leap. I am the one who believes, who trusts her instincts, who tends to ignore facts just because I know what I want.

I am the one who would go around the globe for the search of a heartbeat, who would still fight in the name of Love and greater good. I am the one who would go as far as it’s needed just for you…

And you? Who are you?!

Are you the brave or the coward?

Are you the risk taker or the play it safe person?

Are you the one who would find it best to settle or the wanderer searching for what is worth it!?

Are you going to stay still and watch your days and memories pass by or are you going to go as far as the road takes you?!

And how far will you go?!




Why him?

One look. Eyes locked together. You hear some pounding, you feel like someone is shaking you… it’s your heart sending you a message: “He is the one!”

But why!? You spent all this time meeting those new people, but your heart chose him, so why him?!

All the time you meet people, all different kind of people but with minimal common interests between you, so they become friends, acquaintances.

But just sometimes, you meet this one person with whom you have loads and loads of common things. And without knowing or even intend to, you find yourself attracted to them, bounded to them.

Why him? I really don’t know! The heart is a tricky choice maker but whether you listen to your heart or not makes all the difference, that’s how my heart chose him…

But is he worth it?!…..