Simply the best

You have the greatest soul
You make me smile
You make me dream for a while
You make me whole

And in the darkness of the night
I hear you
I feel you
Standing by me in my fight

You are my friend, my lover
And everything in between
You make me a queen
And wonders discover

You are my favourite fellow
You soothe me with the way you sound
And you love when you spin me round and round
You’re the best because you’re simply… my cello



Let me tell you a story
It involves a prince and a fairy.
It’s a love one
Although it’s not fun.
Like every story, it goes like this
A boy meets a girl and they kiss
They split apart suddenly
And here starts the mistery…
You see the boy is a prince
And he’s searching for that girl ever since
The girl is a fairy
She is magical clearly…
Two different people fell in love that is doomed
And for all their lives they will carry that wound


I miss her

How do I feel?
I miss her!
I miss her smile, I miss her laughter, I even miss seeing her cry!
I miss her voice waking me up in the morning, I miss her hello as much as I miss her goodbye.
I miss her there by my side, I miss how her words made me feel home even when we were apart.
I miss having her in my arms, having her head on my chest, I miss how she used to tilt her head so she can look at my face, I miss her dark eyes locked with mine.
I miss all the little things about her, the smell of her perfume, how she flips her head to the side and smile, how she used to make my heart skip a beat with the echo of her laughter.
How do I feel?! I just miss her!


Magical Eraser

I wish I have a magical eraser in my hand
So I could erase all the poems, all the words that made me so dammed.
I would erase all the smiles you drew on my face
I would erase all those kisses that came with every embrace.

If I have a magical eraser I would erase the city where we met
All those pictures together imprinted in my head.
I would erase every memory, every dream, every bet
I would erase all the little things that made me your Juliette.

But I love those smiles, kisses and memories we made
And the city and the little things, I don’t want them to fade…
But even if I do and erase it all like I want to…
Even with a magical eraser, I can’t erase you!