A moment to think

Gather all the wishes
Gather all the shooting stars
Gather all those sweet kisses
Gather all the prayers
Gather them all
And take a moment to think
What makes them whole
What’s their link
Just when you are out of thoughts
Just when you decide you are done
Linking all the dots
Know that you are the one…
Know that you have won…


Just a wish

Last night I was looking at the clear skies
When I saw a shooting star flashing in front of my eyes
I felt inside of my quiet heart a rising flame
That’s when I didn’t make a wish, I just said your name…

And suddenly I realised what it meant
I realised what I was wishing for and to what extent
I was wishing if you could be mine again
I was wishing for you so you end my pain…

I wished to see you in front of me for just one sec
To smell your perfume and wrap my arms around your neck
To kiss you on the cheeks, to kiss your lips
And you hold me tight by putting your arms around my hips

I wished all that with my eyes turning to red
Because who knew you will only be just a wish in my head…