Simply the best

You have the greatest soul
You make me smile
You make me dream for a while
You make me whole

And in the darkness of the night
I hear you
I feel you
Standing by me in my fight

You are my friend, my lover
And everything in between
You make me a queen
And wonders discover

You are my favourite fellow
You soothe me with the way you sound
And you love when you spin me round and round
You’re the best because you’re simply… my cello



In the name of the right kind of wrong,
In the name of utopian love,
In the name of all fairy tales…
I salute you

In the name of love in dark corners,
Stolen kisses in the crowd,
Secret joy during deep sadness…
I salute you

In the name of the broken soul you are trying to heal,
In the name of the wounded heart you are trying to mend,
In the name of what we are and are not…
I… salute you!