What if….?!

What if… there are so many!

What if I went somewhere else

What if I wasn’t playing the notes

What if that night I walked away

What if I didn’t call

What if I wasn’t in the mood for a road trip

What if I gave up earlier

What if…

But here’s the thing

I wouldn’t have spent enjoying all this time

I wouldn’t have learned that much

I wouldn’t have had all those memories 

I wouldn’t be writing what I am writing now

Because some mistakes are meant to be made and to tell you the truth… you were the best mistake I have ever made…

A moment

It’s nothing but a moment of your time
It may worth for some less than a dime
It’s a moment just like a beat of the heart
But it’s a moment where everything comes to a halt
And then you can see it with your own eyes
It’s like you won the jackpot, the biggest prize
It’s a moment where you can hear with your own ears
The voice that will make you smile and forget all your tears

It’s nothing but a moment in a million years
That will bring you through time all the worth having souvenirs
And for that particular moment I would gladly trade
A handful of days because for me it’s worth more than a decade…