A glass of wine

It was a glass of wine then,
It’s a glass of wine now.
I was in a dream then,
I am in hell now.

Same colour, same red
I poured it quietly
I awakening something dead
I wanted to drift out of sobriety.

With every drop, a moment emerged
An innocent instant, a memory
With every drop the pain submerged
It is painful, it’s killing me.

It touched my lips
Like you did
I let the liquid slowly drip
Into me while closing my lids

And so I remembered for the last time
How it went out of the flow
I am committing a crime
Of letting you go….




My mate that night

Sitting here with you, at the bar, we are watching all those coming in and going out.
Sitting here with you, although I have no eyes but for you, I see people laughing, dancing, getting tipsy and drunk, doing all the crazy stuff.
Sitting here with you, fully yours and fully mine, I see couples flirting, kissing, expressing all the love and all what’s in their heart, loving each other.
Sitting here focusing on what you are trying to tell me, I hear their talks, their nonsense, their drunken conversations, I try to push away their laughter.
At the end of the night, I look deep in you, raise you up, empty you, look back at you, what once was my mate for that night, my own glass of wine and walk out of the bar…