The Beast

As if time stopped
As if life ceased
The heart was locked
All alone, there was the Beast

The pictures stood frozen
The memories of them are blurred
He hides his emotions
He’s the brute that can’t be neared

In the frames, a gril and a boy
Gave once life to his heart
He took away his joy
He let go without a fight

So the beast in an empty frame
Alone all night and all day
He is taking all the blame
He blew a lot away…



Hate me

Hate me… I don’t want to fall
It took so long to stand up again
Hear my call
My heart had been through so much pain

Hate me… it’s the only way
To let me go
To prevent me to stay
To dodge a killing blow

Hate me… I’m losing my head
Every time I get lost in your eyes
You are cutting my Arianne’s thread
I’m floating in your skies

Hate me… just do!
I don’t want to fall… fall for you!




In the name of the right kind of wrong,
In the name of utopian love,
In the name of all fairy tales…
I salute you

In the name of love in dark corners,
Stolen kisses in the crowd,
Secret joy during deep sadness…
I salute you

In the name of the broken soul you are trying to heal,
In the name of the wounded heart you are trying to mend,
In the name of what we are and are not…
I… salute you!