A wish upon a dandelion

Twinkling through her hair
The rays of light were amazing
She was wondering about what’s fair
I was lucky to stare in her eyes so dazzling

She picked me up with a touch of her hand
Held me gently, her mouth so close
And whispered…
A wish that wasn’t planned
A wish that nobody else knows.

I held her secret in all parts of me
I promised to deliver it far
As long as any part is free
To every moon every star

And she blew…

She sent me to all parts of the world
Until I reach him
I should twirl and twirl
So I tell him her truth about him…



The light vanished
Darkness found a way
The guardian angel perished
While chasing harm away

What was left was nearly nothing
They left a body and nothing else
A memory of a being
Forgotten by Death itself

Red surrounds the iris
The smile is long gone
The heart is in a crisis
With wounds clearly shown

Scars run along
Will they heal!?
From all what’s wrong
That turned a heart to steel

Fire within
Stop the burn
Let the healing begin
So peace could find a turn

And then melt the steel
Let there be a beat again
Let that heart feel
Don’t let it go in vain


أحبك و لكن…

أحب نظرة عينيك
أحب ضحكة شفتيك
أحب رنة صوتك

لكن أخافك…
أخاف وجع قلب تعب من الوجع
أخاف خفقة قلب ذاق الهلع
أخاف حزن عينين ملتا من الدمع

أحب صورتي في وسع خيالك
و أخاف غدي في كثر آمالك
أحب بسمتي في أيامك
و أخاف دموعي في غدك

أحبك و لكن… أخافك

In court

Lately I’ve been accused.
I am being accused of dreaming for hours, imagining us on a calm night, sitting on some grass, counting stars, wishing upon shooting ones.
I am being accused of picturing again and again every move, every touch.
Accused… of feeling your lips on mine, of putting my hands around your neck, of wanting to be nearer, of wanting nothing else.
Accused… of seeing no one else among all those people, of feeling that electric current going through me and tingling my body whenever I look into your eyes.
Accused… of smiling when I see your face, of saying the world doesn’t matter once our stares are locked.
Accused… of falling…
I will not be on the defensive because if falling for you is a crime… then I’m guilty as charged!


Smile at me

Smile at me, make me whole again.
Smile at me, let me forget everything else.
Let me drown in your world, let me ignore the rest. Just smile at me, bring me back to life.
Smile at me, for the fools at the intelligence table, for the irony of life, for the pains in the world, for what’s worth and for the worthless, smile and turn the wrongs into rights.
Smile at me, let your eyes shine, let my stars be bright again, let my sky have its sun back.
Smile at me, it’s who you are, it’s how I know you, it’s how the world pictures you.
Smile at me, it’s what I love, it’s what makes me want to look at you and stare, what makes me find a lost meaning.
Those lips slightly parted, those teeth, those eyes shining, that face illuminating… it’s what rules my dreams.
Smile at me because I love it.
Smile at me, I love you…


Ghost of the past

Ghost of the past
You hit again
Tightened your embrace fast
Reminded me of a forgotten pain
You are a mist
Hovering over my day
You weren’t missed
While being away

But there you are
I couldn’t see through
Everything was a blur
So my sadness grew

And out of the shade
He came
To my aid
He just called my name
He soothed my fear
I followed his voice
You started to disappear
And I started to rejoice

Ghost of the past, you were gone…
A voice, a pair of eyes became a new dawn…