Truth or Dare

With my heart torn apart, with my mind wandering through life, I sat on that bar that day, sipping through my beer thinking about all the choices I made, all the choices I could have made, all the choices I have to make. And all the choices at the end came as a simple one: Truth or Dare?!

It is really simple. Do you dare to be and do what others expect you to be and do!? or do you simply respect the truth and follow your heart and act as yourself?!

Truth or Dare!? Really simple question. But to tell you the truth, it is not that simple to answer it. Sometimes, people tend to dare in life and lie about themselves to accomplish their goals easily.

Truth or Dare?! Being yourself at all times is not an easy quest, I know. But think about it. It is a way to make you unique as you are, to make you rise above it all.

Truth or Dare?! The hardest dare would be to say the truth. It is your choice.

So…. Truth or Dare?!