Même si la vie me joue des tours

C’était une vie monotone et je le savais
Je faisais passer le temps, je lisais, j’écrivais…
Les heures et les jours passèrent et je les comptais
Je ne savais pas qu’une simple rencontre allait tout changer
Je ne savais pas que mon coeur allait battre, qu’il allait aimer
Je ne savais pas quel tour la vie jouait…

Tout a changé quand l’amour arriva un jour
Mon coeur n’était plus avec moi, il était devenu sourd
Tout s’est bousculé quand je t’ai aimé tout court.
Je t’ai aimé, je t’aime, je t’aimerai pour toujours
Je vais le crier, le chanter comme faisaient les troubadours
Et je n’accepterai pas que la vie encore une fois me joue des tours…

One day…

One day we will be by the window to watch the pouring rain

One day we will prove that Love will always remain

One day we will surpass and let go of all our pain

One day we will have our bloods run in one vein…


One day we will give up all that misery

One day we will dance out every memory

One day we will grow old while living the extraordinary

One day we will celebrate, for the hundredth time, our anniversary…


One day I will be waiting at the door where the truth is due

One day the door will open and it will be you…



Guardian Angel

When all your days drift into dark
I will get a ship so on board it you will embark
To take all your worries away
So you reach a peaceful bay…

I will be there until the storm passes
I will shield you from the rain splashes
I will sing to you to cover the sound of the thunder
I will take your hand if through a hurricane you wanted to wander…

And I will walk with you the one thousand miles
While replacing your pain with happy smiles
I will swim oceans and cross lands
If you promise that we will keep holding hands…

I will do much more, I will go through hell
Because for you, I would be your guardian angel…



They were eyes full of desire
A look that could set any heart on fire
But mine was far from being consoled
So my heart, it just stayed cold…

They were words to make you dream
To make your whole world gleam
With dreams and visions that mattered
But my dreams, they just stayed shattered…

I was keeping my eyes on his face
Keeping my thoughts from going to another place
I focused hard to get every memory erased
But my efforts, they just went to waste…

It felt so wrong because I knew
I hated him because he wasn’t you…