Rends moi ma paix

Pour un jour, pour un soir, pour toujours… rends moi ma paix.
Pour toutes ces petites querelles, pour tous ces malentendus, pour ces petits rien, rends moi ma paix.
Pour tous ces non et pour tous ces oui, pour tous ces peut – être, tous ces je ne sais pas, rends moi ma paix.
Pour tous ces cauchemars, pour tous ces rêves, tous ceux perfectionnés à merveille sur mes nuages, rends moi ma paix.
Et puis quitte! Vas-y! Va t’en! Mais, pour la fin de mes jours, pour toujours, rends moi ma paix!

I run

When things seem blue
And nothing right
When I just miss you
And I want to hold you tight
I run…
To those green fields
And sunny days
Where I drop my shields
And be me in all ways
So I run…
To where you put your arms around me
And kiss my face
To where I feel such a glee
In your sweet embrace
To there I run…
To where your eyes are locked in mine
And there’s no one around
Where I can let my love shine
And nothing can hold me down
So yes! I run…
To a notebook and a pen
To where I’m free
To where I can say again and again
I love you and you love me
I run…..


Tonight like any of the other nights
I look at the skies
At the city lights
And see your eyes

Imagine the sweetest song
It’s directed your way
I send it from far long
So you hear me as down you lay

Close your eyes love
Let happiness surround us two
I pray for God above
So he will always be with you

May dreams surround you
And nightmares vanish
May angels guard you
And the harm banish

Last, I send you a kiss
Sweet and light
It’s such a bliss
Telling you goodnight


Ah ce visage!

C’est comme si je te vois
Pour la première fois…
Ah ces yeux flamboyants!
Ah ce visage ensorcelant!

Je demande une longue vie du bon Dieu
Pour la passer à regarder
Ce bleu de mer dans tes yeux
Où j’aimerai plonger
Et où nous ne serons que nous deux
Et tout le reste sera oublié…

Ce visage d’ange qui réveille le diable en moi
Me laisse dans les étoiles émerveillée
À l’instant même où je l’aperçois.
J’ai renoncé toute sorte de vérité
Je renonce même ma foi
C’est un tour de sorcellerie bien joué
Je plongerai dans le péché pour toi…

Ah ce visage qui hante mes pensées
Qui abrite mon tout
Tu es dans chacune de mes idées
Je te vois partout…

Closing eyes

As her lids were shutting, she realised she had a lot to lose although she had nothing. But she had a life full of family and friends.
In those moments, she wished the messages in her head would be delivered to everyone, the ones expressing her love as the ones showing her disgust.
She wasn’t ready to let go, not yet.
She was trying to fight it, trying to keep the light coming in through her closing lids.
She was trying hard.
Her life flashed in front of her just like watching a movie. She saw her little self growing up, making friends, saying goodbyes, laughing, crying.
She saw the family she adores and wished she was closer to them, she saw the friends she loves and thanked them for being them, and last, she saw him, his face, his eyes and she wished if he only knew…
His face, his eyes… and she closed her eyes and drifted away.


Family photo

1..2..3… Cheese!
Your photo in white is amazing
Your smile is breathtaking!
Put it in a frame
And keep the flame
That makes your face glow
That’s the only you’ll ever know

1… 2… 3…. Smile!
Your wrinkles started showing
Your children around you are smiling
You’re proud of your family
And you’re still together happily
Against all odds and for better or worse
Life couldn’t have taken a better course

1….. 2…. 3…. No picture this year!
He played till the end his final act
Left you here by yourself trapped
You know everybody is around
But it’s not the same since you laid him in the ground
Your King is definitely gone
All you got is family photos and a broken bond

I digged out the past

Today, I digged out the past
All the moments from my memory
All the sad parts, all the blast
I got it all out of my directory

My memories laid all in front of me
I stared and I remembered
And then one by one I set them free
I am done being anchored

One by one pictures were torn apart
One by one lyrics left the songs
It’s eradication before a new start
It’s rectifying all the wrongs

And one by one, my wounds healed
And my sadness went away
All my scars had been concealed
I am ready for whatever comes my way

Today, I digged out the past
I put it all on display
And Oh! It was a blast
When I saw your face at the end of the day.

What I want to hear

It’s a sweet ride
To another dimension, another place
You feel like you can glide
In the warmest embrace

It’s a pleasant lift
To somewhere in the skies
It’s an every day gift
It’s the winner prize

It’s an angel’s song
It’s a bird’s melody
I can hear it all year long
It soothes my agony

In the chaos of noises I hear
I made a choice
I want an angel’s sound in my ear
I just want to hear your voice

A guy walks into a bar

A guy walks into a bar
He is there with a friend
Although he’s smiling, he is hiding a scar
He’s there to forget a certain end

He looks at the liquid in his glass
Wishing it could melt his frozen heart
He’s just waiting for time to pass
Wondering if he’s going to have a new start

But there she is smiling
Inviting him to a new story
And there he is hesitating
Thinking about that girl in his memory

A guy walks into a bar
He has a choice to make
Between a new story and an old scar
What option will he take?