Once upon a dream, they were together. They were in each other arm, they used to walk hand in hand. He was the world to her, her smile used to shine his days. Their kisses and touches inspired some, what they had and what they were was envied by others. Once upon a dream, they were in love…
Now he is all alone, moving on, claiming the world as his, smiling here and joking there.
Now she is dying from deep inside, her smile carries a lot of sadness, she is so afraid of sleeping and dreaming about him, and she struggles with her breathing every time she sees his face.
It was then that she saw him, his arms around a waist that wasn’t hers, his eyes looking into somebody else’s eyes, it was then that she realised that she lost it all, that nothing was like it was, that they are never going back…
And she just wishes that she could forget all those moments stuck in her head, if only she could erase all her memories with him.
With tears in her eyes, she watched them together, watched them the couple so in love, and she was a girl who used to be on fire, who was once upon a dream his girl…



يا رايح عهاك البلاد البعيدي
باعتي معك آخر وصية
بدي ياك توصلها ليللي ساكن عينيي
و تقلو ما نسيتو و عم ببكيه ليليي

يا رايح عأرض الأحباب
قلن حرقة شوقي حولت ناري لرماد
قلن قلبي داب من كتر الإشتياق
قلن بعدو ناطرهن رغم كل العذاب

خدلك كمشة تراب من الأرض اللي مشينا عليها هاك المشوار
بعتلو إياها تيضل ذاكر اللي صار
و قلو رغم إنو هالزمن قاسي و غدار
في قلب بحبو عم ينبض و ناطر رجعتو على نار…

What are we?

I am a girl with an unhealed broken heart
Whose crying her love became her art.
I am the one who has in her eyes a tear
Every time she remembers or wishes he was near.

You are the forbidden drug for an addict
You are a peace offering in an armed conflict
You are the salvation prayer for a sinner
And in my dark days, you are the awaited glimmer

You are what my heart is asking for
I am what you don’t want to remember anymore
You are all that’s on my mind
And I am simply everything you left behind

Until then

Till the moment when the trees learn to lean
Till the sun kisses the earth and nothing comes in between
Till the blue sky turns into green
Until then I will keep a promise I once made as foreseen

I will see your eyes every night in every dream
And wake up with crying eyes and a hushed scream
I am trying to erase every memory, trying to make my heart clean
Until then I will go with the flow, just follow the stream

I will never forget you and will always love you and I don’t know why
I will always search for your face in every shadow that passes by
I will always hear your voice calling my name and sigh
But until that comes true… Goodbye!



عبالي بهالليل ضمك لقلبي
عبالي تشبع من بسمتك عينيي
و ترجع تلمس ملامحك إيديي
عبالي الليلة لو بس تكون معي

عبالي شم عطرك بكل تنهيدي
عبالي لو مبسمك يجي عمبسمي
و تضيع الكلمات و يسكت صوتي
و تسمع إسمك عم ينقال مع دقات قلبي

آخ شو عبالي لو ترجع هالإيام فيي
و نرجع متل ما كنا و ترجعلي ضحكتي
عبالي يرجع إسمي عندك حياتي
عبالي شوفك و ترجعلي حبيبي

My final letter to you

My dearest Love,

This would be my last letter for you, my last words, my last confessions, so I hope you read it.

In here, you will find all the pain in my eyes, all the tears on my cheeks, and all the thoughts I am scared to admit.


I love you, and I kept it inside my heart all this time, masked it with other words just to give you some slack.

I love you, and it started to hurt now that I still do… three words had just caused my heart to crack…

Three words, expressing all that is in me for you, left my soul such a wreck…

But like I have never loved, like I will not love again, I love you, from here till the sun and back…


Like water is missed by a poor dying thirsty tree

Like a bird in a cage that just misses to be free

Like a once heard suppliant dying to hear an answer for his plea

I miss you! I miss how we were; I miss how we were supposed to be!


And I hate you! Believe me, I do!

I hate you for not believing we can get it through

I hate you for breaking my heart and making me feel so blue…

Oh I hate you just as much as I love you!


I know you don’t love me anymore, I know I am just like any other, I know you don’t care as much as before,

But I do, and if there’s a way to fight for what we once had know that I would definitely fight that war.

But it’s all gone into smoke, and yet I wish it will come true all that I am praying for

Because I love you, I miss you, and that’s all that in my heart to pour…


Yours faithfully,

A memory just like any other….

Lost it

So I took my pen and stared at the white page in front of me…

There was too much to say, too many words to be freed…

But I couldn’t! I just stared into that paper and the pen in my hand

And I left my words in my mind, I left them in the void of my thoughts hanged…


I should have known that this was coming

I should have felt the ink of my pen drying

I should have seen it when I stopped hearing my heart humming

I should have known and felt it when I saw my soul dying…


So I put down my pen and admit that I hit a wall

Because the day I lost you, I lost it all….



C’est que je porte mon deuil…

J’ai ouvert mes yeux mouillés par les pleurs de la nuit
On a changé le chemin que je suis….
C’est comme si j’avais perdu tout appui
C’est que je porte mon deuil aujourd’hui…

Tout en noir je vais t’enterrer
Tout en pleurant je vais essayer d’oublier
Toute cette vie en rose que tu m’as procurée
C’est que je porte mon deuil à jamais…

Je sais que tu n’es qu’un pauvre coeur meurtri
Mais tu m’as causé beaucoup de mal et ça me suffit
Aujourd’hui tu vas sombrer dans l’oubli
C’est que je porte mon deuil pour la vie…


Just like tulips

Just like tulips was what we had
It was so beautiful like a spell cast
And while still alive it caused me a blast
But just like tulips it died so fast

I had never guessed it won’t last
I thought it would take on the world, it was so vast
But now all it does it letting my heart being harassed
And I am left with a bunch of memories and a forgotten past

You left me broken,  you left me crashed
But just like tulips I love you as long as forever and ever last…