I will

I will build castles so high
Take your hand when you fall
I will look at you in the eye
And tell you to dream when there’s no hope at all

And when you start to give up
When you decide to build up a wall
I will tell you “dream up”
Because I’ll be there through it all

Oh Baby say it again
Say that you love me
I will be with you through the pain
Won’t leave you like you left me

And I will keep you in my heart, keep you forever
No matter what you say or what you do
You will be my most valuable treasure
Oh Baby! If you only knew!

Baby don’t be scared and trust me
Take my hand, let’s do it my way
Pick me, choose me, love me
Because I will until my last day

Oh Baby say it again
Say that you love me
I will be with you through the pain
Won’t leave you just trust me.

Joy of my life

The bridge between two worlds
The echo to a song of love birds
The dealer of the cards
The words that are my rewards

The answer that is lost
The heat that melts the frost
The reminder to when we cried and when we laughed
The link that will always last

In the darkness my heart lies
But you are there to make it rise
To pull out of it the killing knife
That’s why you are the Joy of my Life!

My definition

My definition, it’s crystal clear
I’m the one who’s lost when you are not here
Who can’t breathe if you aren’t near
I’m the one who will wait for you year after year

I am what to your heart is dear
Who would do anything to eliminate your biggest fear
So please love, make her disappear
Because I am not her just to be clear….


And I turn and turn and turn…
And with every turn I see a face
I see a shadow
I see a memory
And I see you….

And I go back to a time where we danced
To a time where I was swaying
To a time where a dream took me away
To a time where you were real

And I turn and turn and turn….
And I hear you
And I am in your arms
And we sway and swing
And I turn until you disappear

And I turn to face a mirror where I dance alone
And I keep turning until I see no more
And I bow my head for my finale….


Go on…

Go on you say
But I stand still
Don’t want to pursue my way
I am not moving up neither downhill

You said it “go on”
I was supposed to believe you
And move on
I was supposed to delete you

You said “go on” clearly
But it is you that I need
But my heart will willingly
Without you continue to bleed

“Go on… Move on…”
And on I went…