Should I?

“I had one question when I stopped by

Just tell me Love should I?!”

At these verses my writing stopped! I couldn’t continue because simply I don’t know what to say!

Should I let you go?! Should I let go every dream I had with you!? Every moment, every touch, every single memory!

One word from you could undo it all, but just say it Love!

And with that my poem will not be completed just waiting for you to say the words.


Tomorrow if I die…

Tomorrow if I die… I don’t want you to mourn, I don’t want you to grieve. Remember me as the girl who smiled a lot for no reason and tried to make the world a better place as much as she can. Try to embrace life and take each day as it comes, and most of all face all your fears and grieves with a smile, like I would do.

Tomorrow if I die… I don’t want you to worry that I was still young! I had my share of life, I laughed with friends, I had fun in moments although there were tears along my path. My dreams…. at least I saw one of them come true and lived through it. I reached some goals and some others are still pending but it’s ok to let go sometimes.

Tomorrow if I die… I will never see your face again. I will never get that chill I have down my spine with every touch of you. I will certainly miss your embrace, I will definitely not know what is the taste of your lips on mine.

But tomorrow if I die… sweet love of my heart, I will be released from your pain…

Torn apart

“And how can I blame you … When it’s me I can’t forgive” and when listening to this song, it snapped her!

He wasn’t the reason she can’t sleep at night, well in a way, he was but it was because of her! She is the one depriving herself the sleep at night, she was the one who can’t stand other than his face in her eyes. She is the one who can’t know what to follow and what to decide!

It’s like taking her heart out, it’s like raping her feelings. She can feel the pain increase when she thinks of the other, and she can smile wide when he crosses her mind.

She knows she has to say goodbye, she knows there must be an end soon, she knows…

But between her mind and her heart, she’s completely torn apart!

Around the corner

Around the corner, everyday, I see him, sitting in front of his workshop.

Around the corner, everyday, there is an old man. He spend his day wishing his tomorrow was better.

Around the corner, everyday, there is an old man. You look at him and you can see… you have never tasted the need, you have never been worried about your last days. He makes me pause for a bit, reflect this everyday acquaintance on my life.

Around the corner, everyday, there is an old man.  For some reason, he makes my tears run free on my cheeks.