The scar

Yesterday, I went to see a friend, he was feeling down, and for some reason he felt pain.

“Does it get any better?!” he asked, pain was obvious in his words and moves.

Does it?! I was thinking about it, I didn’t know exactly what to say to him! I remembered all the pain I’ve been through…

“It will”, I said, “with time… you know when you have a wound, it heals leaving a scar! And every time you look at it, you don’t feel any pain at all, but you remember it all! Now that’s what will happen… The pain will fade away but every time you look back, you will remember it with all the tears and the hurt… but now, it will fade away.”

I left him hoping his pain will disappear any moment, I left without saying the rest of my idea; you see, every wound heals, that’s true! But in life, a new wound may appear a short time later, and what you can do is letting go…

Zombie Man

Finally he knew how to do it. He knew how to get out of bed in the morning, make some coffee, go to work and at the end of the day, how to get back home after having a drink at his favourite bar. Being a living zombie isn’t that hard after all.

That day was just like the others, he woke up, got dressed, went to work, said few hellos to people, walked into the bar, and the time froze.

She was there, sitting at their old spot, and… waving at him!?!! He couldn’t understand what his eyes were seeing! She was actually waving at HIM! He felt nothing, he saw her figure getting closer that’s when he realized that he was moving toward her. He couldn’t talk, all he did was smiling and then he sat down waiting for his scotch.

“I miss you” she said, “You look really great, oh my God how much I’ve missed you!”. He was looking at her, letting time fly by, and with every second he was remembering… every story, every lie, every look, every scar. “Why?”, he was asking her in his mind?! “why all the hurt?! Why did you come back?!”

She kept talking, he kept drinking and thinking. And when there was no more whiskey in his glass, he gathered his things and without even blinking head out to end his day…

Our dance

I remember evey move
All the eyes were on us
Oh! We were making the groove
And we were not trying to impress

The night grow old
We stuck together
All I was thinking is to be cajoled
Just like sleeping on a pillow of feather

And then the dance ended
And u slipped away
And my heart felt distended
By you not crossing again my way

My daydream

I ended the conversation with a “sweet dreams”, turned off my cell phone and went to sleep.
I had never thought that the sweet dream will be mine until I saw you in front of me.
I knew you since ever, I knew everything about you, and yet have never met you.
You were my daydream, you were the one who made me catch my breath every time you pass, and you were standing waiting to talk to me.
I didn’t know why you were there, all I know is that it ended and you left so I can wake up smiling.
But you were a dream, that’s how it happened, that’s how it stays, that’s how it should be…
A dream, my daydream…