What if….?!

What if… there are so many!

What if I went somewhere else

What if I wasn’t playing the notes

What if that night I walked away

What if I didn’t call

What if I wasn’t in the mood for a road trip

What if I gave up earlier

What if…

But here’s the thing

I wouldn’t have spent enjoying all this time

I wouldn’t have learned that much

I wouldn’t have had all those memories 

I wouldn’t be writing what I am writing now

Because some mistakes are meant to be made and to tell you the truth… you were the best mistake I have ever made…

Time to let go

I think the journey had come to an end.

It’s time to let go, say goodbye.

Before we go our ways, let me just say:

You made me so happy and you also made me cry. I am grateful for both.

You made me experience love in all its kinds.

You taught me how to always smile, it could brighten someone else’s life.

You introduced to friends, some will always be there and some will stay behind.

You taught me how to listen to Music, you made me love it more, you made me feel every note.

Thank you for every moment.

Thank you for all the crazy moments, thank you for the unforgettable laughters.

10… 9… 8… I made my peace, I am looking forward for what’s next…

7… 6… 5… It’s time to let you go….

4… 3… Will I miss you!? Maybe…

2… But really, thank you for the memories…

1… You were a good year 2016…


Princes and Frogs

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived happily at her father’s palace.
And one day, she met a frog…
The frog turned out to be a cursed prince… they fell in love… and lived happily ever after.
That’s the fairytale!
In life, that’s how it happens but in some cases it just doesn’t!
It’s all about kissing frogs and turning them into princes! Or kissing dead girls and bringing them back to life!
In my life, I have kissed a lot of frogs… some turned into princes for other princesses and some, well, they just stayed frogs!
They are two types of people, the princes and the frogs or the dead princesses and the evil witches.
So the question that relies here is are you a cursed prince or just a frog!?!
Or really… am I that dead!?!?!



At peace

It used to be the sweetest sound. It used to be what my ears longed to hear.
A voice that was my lullaby, a reason for me to dream.
In the darkness it was my light, my salvation through hell, it was my courage in face of fear.
One day, nightmares came over, a path through a long tunnel began and whenever I hear that voice, I pierced the night with a scream.
At last, serenity reigned in my kingdom. I am healed.
It took one ring and one button to end it. Now I can say I am finally at peace…




In the name of the right kind of wrong,
In the name of utopian love,
In the name of all fairy tales…
I salute you

In the name of love in dark corners,
Stolen kisses in the crowd,
Secret joy during deep sadness…
I salute you

In the name of the broken soul you are trying to heal,
In the name of the wounded heart you are trying to mend,
In the name of what we are and are not…
I… salute you!


In court

Lately I’ve been accused.
I am being accused of dreaming for hours, imagining us on a calm night, sitting on some grass, counting stars, wishing upon shooting ones.
I am being accused of picturing again and again every move, every touch.
Accused… of feeling your lips on mine, of putting my hands around your neck, of wanting to be nearer, of wanting nothing else.
Accused… of seeing no one else among all those people, of feeling that electric current going through me and tingling my body whenever I look into your eyes.
Accused… of smiling when I see your face, of saying the world doesn’t matter once our stares are locked.
Accused… of falling…
I will not be on the defensive because if falling for you is a crime… then I’m guilty as charged!


Smile at me

Smile at me, make me whole again.
Smile at me, let me forget everything else.
Let me drown in your world, let me ignore the rest. Just smile at me, bring me back to life.
Smile at me, for the fools at the intelligence table, for the irony of life, for the pains in the world, for what’s worth and for the worthless, smile and turn the wrongs into rights.
Smile at me, let your eyes shine, let my stars be bright again, let my sky have its sun back.
Smile at me, it’s who you are, it’s how I know you, it’s how the world pictures you.
Smile at me, it’s what I love, it’s what makes me want to look at you and stare, what makes me find a lost meaning.
Those lips slightly parted, those teeth, those eyes shining, that face illuminating… it’s what rules my dreams.
Smile at me because I love it.
Smile at me, I love you…


Closing eyes

As her lids were shutting, she realised she had a lot to lose although she had nothing. But she had a life full of family and friends.
In those moments, she wished the messages in her head would be delivered to everyone, the ones expressing her love as the ones showing her disgust.
She wasn’t ready to let go, not yet.
She was trying to fight it, trying to keep the light coming in through her closing lids.
She was trying hard.
Her life flashed in front of her just like watching a movie. She saw her little self growing up, making friends, saying goodbyes, laughing, crying.
She saw the family she adores and wished she was closer to them, she saw the friends she loves and thanked them for being them, and last, she saw him, his face, his eyes and she wished if he only knew…
His face, his eyes… and she closed her eyes and drifted away.


Four of a kind

So let me make this as simple as possible. What are we? Who are we!?
There is the crazy one, the one you can rely on when you need something really off the chart to be done, the one who makes you laugh, who creates the jokes with you.
There is the shy artist one who is always there for you and who, deep down, is the one who loves to live, to make a mark. He is the one you rely on with anything concerning the magic of arts, the one you rely on to make memories immortal.
And then there is a really original one! She is like living in her own world with no worries and where everything is nearly perfect.  She is the one you rely on to calm you down, to tell you that time will fix it all, and that everything seems magically more beautiful when it’s own time comes.
And last, you have the rebellious one. The one who hates rules, borders and limits. The one who is a heavy dreamer and sensible but who is crazy enough to rip everything apart if wrongly treated, you can rely on that.
In a perfect world, we don’t match, we are not even close. But in my world, we are the best foursome, and for better or for worse, we will always be there for each other.



And I turn and turn and turn…
And with every turn I see a face
I see a shadow
I see a memory
And I see you….

And I go back to a time where we danced
To a time where I was swaying
To a time where a dream took me away
To a time where you were real

And I turn and turn and turn….
And I hear you
And I am in your arms
And we sway and swing
And I turn until you disappear

And I turn to face a mirror where I dance alone
And I keep turning until I see no more
And I bow my head for my finale….