My tomorrow

My tomorrow…. !?
My tomorrow will be full of moments….
Moments of sadness
Moments of pleasure
Even moments of craziness
That you can’t even measure

My tomorrow will be full of people
Full of good folks
Full of bad haters
People who put up to my hopes
People who will be great at being traitors

My tomorrow will be full of pictures
Pictures where I smile
Pictures where I’m sad
Pictures taken with a bit of style
Pictures with all the good and all the bad

I will reach my highest point or my lowest
But I will aim to have a good life too
My tomorrow will be full of moments…
Moments without you…


على أمل

رجعتني خمسة عشر سني
ليوم أول مرة ودعتني
و نزلت دمعتي عخدي
متل لما رحت تبلش حياة تانيي

رديتني طفلي زغيرا
تاكيي عكتفك راسها
و إنت إيديك حواليها
تغنج خصلات شعرها

و مع الغمرة رجعت كلمة يا ريت
يا ريتك ما فليت
يا ريتك ما تركت أهلك و هالبيت
يا ريتك بهالوطن ضليت

رجعتني خمسة عشر سني
و نزلت دمعتي عخدي
كبرت الغصة بقلبي…
على أمل نرجع نلتقي يا خيي…

Behind the door

Standing in the door frame
My life laid in front of me
All the mistakes, all the shame
All the hopes, the things that were supposed to be.

All of it was in front of my face
All the feelings and what comes with them of illusions
Each happy and sad moment, every place
All the dreams, all the delusions…

And I smiled…

From every tear, a lesson was learned
And every fear made me stronger
There was a lot of souvenirs I earned
And all those slips made me stand taller.

In front of my past I stood
And then looked into your eyes
That’s when I understood
What a shining star you are in my skies…

It’s a moment of joy, you set me free
So I took your hand and closed the door behind me…