Into the night

Into the night
Into the starry sky
In the lack of light
There… I released my cry

For every moment of the past
For every memory I had
For the time that had passed
For the good… for the bad

Life without you will suck
It will surely be bitter
But here’s a little but…
It’s for the better

Life without you…
Oh! How can I endure!
I will always love you
And be there for you for sure

Into the night
Into the starry sky
In the lack of light
Away I let you fly


Rhyming your name

Cupid picked up his bow,
Chose for us the perfect arrow
He meant to put on a show
So he aimed and we took the blow

Cupid was smiling with his hand on his bow
Cupid was so proud of his throw
And laughing from the first row,
He enjoyed the show

It was too good to be true, I know
We couldn’t let our love grow
We couldn’t just float with the flow
We couldn’t just lay low

To hell Cupid and his bow
To hell that perfect arrow
We decided to end the show
We decided to take the final bow

It’s time to finally let go
But Baby my words rhyme with your name wherever I go…



Game on

It’s only a game, a game for two
Either you’re all in or don’t play
I know Baby that you knew
There’s a price at the end to pay

I will bend any rule
Banish all fear
I’ll be judged a fool
I won’t disappear

It’s only a game, a game for two
Two hearts, one soul
Baby it’s for me and you
Let’s play, let’s reach that goal

So… Roll the dice
Let’s play
Break your ice
And just stay…




Words floating in my head
A piece of paper was torn apart
Some ink was shed
And that was the start

I gave my heart a choice
So he can be heard
I gave my feelings a voice
It started with one word

There were words of sadness and pain
Words of happiness and pleasure
To describe what I lose, what I gain
To describe me all together

Words to say I’ve loved, I’ve hated
Words to say I’ve laughed, I’ve cried
Words to outline a world I created
Words to say… I’ve survived…


Behind the door

Standing in the door frame
My life laid in front of me
All the mistakes, all the shame
All the hopes, the things that were supposed to be.

All of it was in front of my face
All the feelings and what comes with them of illusions
Each happy and sad moment, every place
All the dreams, all the delusions…

And I smiled…

From every tear, a lesson was learned
And every fear made me stronger
There was a lot of souvenirs I earned
And all those slips made me stand taller.

In front of my past I stood
And then looked into your eyes
That’s when I understood
What a shining star you are in my skies…

It’s a moment of joy, you set me free
So I took your hand and closed the door behind me…


Pour que tu le saches

Dans ce monde sombre
Mon coeur est clair
Il est sorti de la pénombre
Comme un soldat sort d’une guerre…

C’est à cause de toi…
Avec tous ces regards, ces sourirs
Tu as secouru un moi
Qui était en train de mourir…

Dans ce monde plein d’angoisse
Tu as rempli mon coeur
D’une étrange joie qui surpasse
Tout ce que j’ai en moi de peur…

Tel un manège, tel un moulin
Tu me fais tourner en rond
Et je crève pour ton toucher, un calin
Pour entendre ta voix… ce doux son…

Dans ce monde où tu me manques tellement
Le destin ne me facilite pas la tâche
Je veux crier, m’exprimer et anéantir le néant
Juste pour que tu le saches…

Hush hush

Hush hush, baby don’t cry
Let those tears on your face dry
I’m going to sing to you a lullaby
So you can know why…

Hush hush, your life is hard I know
Every day you put on a show
With a smile, with a glow
That goes with the lightest blow…

Hush hush little one, I feel it
I’ve been there and I get it
But you won’t give up, won’t quit
I know little girl, you’re going to make it…

Hush hush, there’s a lot to tell
You will fight for good, you will rebel
Then you will fall just where I fell
But no worries! You always find a heaven in this hell…

Hush hush, the show goes on
But after all said and done
Each pain will be gone
And you will learn to enjoy every new dawn…

Hush hush, look where you’re going to be
Little girl, the confused heartbroken little version of me…


I run

When things seem blue
And nothing right
When I just miss you
And I want to hold you tight
I run…
To those green fields
And sunny days
Where I drop my shields
And be me in all ways
So I run…
To where you put your arms around me
And kiss my face
To where I feel such a glee
In your sweet embrace
To there I run…
To where your eyes are locked in mine
And there’s no one around
Where I can let my love shine
And nothing can hold me down
So yes! I run…
To a notebook and a pen
To where I’m free
To where I can say again and again
I love you and you love me
I run…..

Closing eyes

As her lids were shutting, she realised she had a lot to lose although she had nothing. But she had a life full of family and friends.
In those moments, she wished the messages in her head would be delivered to everyone, the ones expressing her love as the ones showing her disgust.
She wasn’t ready to let go, not yet.
She was trying to fight it, trying to keep the light coming in through her closing lids.
She was trying hard.
Her life flashed in front of her just like watching a movie. She saw her little self growing up, making friends, saying goodbyes, laughing, crying.
She saw the family she adores and wished she was closer to them, she saw the friends she loves and thanked them for being them, and last, she saw him, his face, his eyes and she wished if he only knew…
His face, his eyes… and she closed her eyes and drifted away.


Family photo

1..2..3… Cheese!
Your photo in white is amazing
Your smile is breathtaking!
Put it in a frame
And keep the flame
That makes your face glow
That’s the only you’ll ever know

1… 2… 3…. Smile!
Your wrinkles started showing
Your children around you are smiling
You’re proud of your family
And you’re still together happily
Against all odds and for better or worse
Life couldn’t have taken a better course

1….. 2…. 3…. No picture this year!
He played till the end his final act
Left you here by yourself trapped
You know everybody is around
But it’s not the same since you laid him in the ground
Your King is definitely gone
All you got is family photos and a broken bond