How is he!?

Maybe it’s just a question
But deep, it’s a confession
That the story had ended
All the cuts were amended

How is he?
It set my heart free
From being crashed
From a hard past

No I’m not in trance
I am just giving a chance
For my wounds to heal
For my peace to be real

It’s a simple question I confess
But to what I can guess
It’s deeper than any extent
It had put my past to an end


In court

Lately I’ve been accused.
I am being accused of dreaming for hours, imagining us on a calm night, sitting on some grass, counting stars, wishing upon shooting ones.
I am being accused of picturing again and again every move, every touch.
Accused… of feeling your lips on mine, of putting my hands around your neck, of wanting to be nearer, of wanting nothing else.
Accused… of seeing no one else among all those people, of feeling that electric current going through me and tingling my body whenever I look into your eyes.
Accused… of smiling when I see your face, of saying the world doesn’t matter once our stares are locked.
Accused… of falling…
I will not be on the defensive because if falling for you is a crime… then I’m guilty as charged!


Ghost of the past

Ghost of the past
You hit again
Tightened your embrace fast
Reminded me of a forgotten pain
You are a mist
Hovering over my day
You weren’t missed
While being away

But there you are
I couldn’t see through
Everything was a blur
So my sadness grew

And out of the shade
He came
To my aid
He just called my name
He soothed my fear
I followed his voice
You started to disappear
And I started to rejoice

Ghost of the past, you were gone…
A voice, a pair of eyes became a new dawn…

I digged out the past

Today, I digged out the past
All the moments from my memory
All the sad parts, all the blast
I got it all out of my directory

My memories laid all in front of me
I stared and I remembered
And then one by one I set them free
I am done being anchored

One by one pictures were torn apart
One by one lyrics left the songs
It’s eradication before a new start
It’s rectifying all the wrongs

And one by one, my wounds healed
And my sadness went away
All my scars had been concealed
I am ready for whatever comes my way

Today, I digged out the past
I put it all on display
And Oh! It was a blast
When I saw your face at the end of the day.

Drowning in your lies

It’s dark in here
I can barely see the light
It’s cold in here
I can barely will myself to fight

And after my struggles to breathe
I gave up all the tries
And I realised I’m on my knees
I’m drowning in your lies

When the real wind blew
All my past went into dust
I discovered nothing was true
I was blind to give all my trust

No I won’t cry, I won’t grieve
I’m starting to see the skies
And I started again to believe
I will no longer be drowning in your lies



And I turn and turn and turn…
And with every turn I see a face
I see a shadow
I see a memory
And I see you….

And I go back to a time where we danced
To a time where I was swaying
To a time where a dream took me away
To a time where you were real

And I turn and turn and turn….
And I hear you
And I am in your arms
And we sway and swing
And I turn until you disappear

And I turn to face a mirror where I dance alone
And I keep turning until I see no more
And I bow my head for my finale….


Go on…

Go on you say
But I stand still
Don’t want to pursue my way
I am not moving up neither downhill

You said it “go on”
I was supposed to believe you
And move on
I was supposed to delete you

You said “go on” clearly
But it is you that I need
But my heart will willingly
Without you continue to bleed

“Go on… Move on…”
And on I went…