Hush hush

Hush hush, baby don’t cry
Let those tears on your face dry
I’m going to sing to you a lullaby
So you can know why…

Hush hush, your life is hard I know
Every day you put on a show
With a smile, with a glow
That goes with the lightest blow…

Hush hush little one, I feel it
I’ve been there and I get it
But you won’t give up, won’t quit
I know little girl, you’re going to make it…

Hush hush, there’s a lot to tell
You will fight for good, you will rebel
Then you will fall just where I fell
But no worries! You always find a heaven in this hell…

Hush hush, the show goes on
But after all said and done
Each pain will be gone
And you will learn to enjoy every new dawn…

Hush hush, look where you’re going to be
Little girl, the confused heartbroken little version of me…


Four of a kind

So let me make this as simple as possible. What are we? Who are we!?
There is the crazy one, the one you can rely on when you need something really off the chart to be done, the one who makes you laugh, who creates the jokes with you.
There is the shy artist one who is always there for you and who, deep down, is the one who loves to live, to make a mark. He is the one you rely on with anything concerning the magic of arts, the one you rely on to make memories immortal.
And then there is a really original one! She is like living in her own world with no worries and where everything is nearly perfect.  She is the one you rely on to calm you down, to tell you that time will fix it all, and that everything seems magically more beautiful when it’s own time comes.
And last, you have the rebellious one. The one who hates rules, borders and limits. The one who is a heavy dreamer and sensible but who is crazy enough to rip everything apart if wrongly treated, you can rely on that.
In a perfect world, we don’t match, we are not even close. But in my world, we are the best foursome, and for better or for worse, we will always be there for each other.


Joy of my life

The bridge between two worlds
The echo to a song of love birds
The dealer of the cards
The words that are my rewards

The answer that is lost
The heat that melts the frost
The reminder to when we cried and when we laughed
The link that will always last

In the darkness my heart lies
But you are there to make it rise
To pull out of it the killing knife
That’s why you are the Joy of my Life!

How far

I know myself…. I am the one who risks it all, goes “all in” in a game. I am the one who follows her heart, who closes her eyes and just takes the leap. I am the one who believes, who trusts her instincts, who tends to ignore facts just because I know what I want.

I am the one who would go around the globe for the search of a heartbeat, who would still fight in the name of Love and greater good. I am the one who would go as far as it’s needed just for you…

And you? Who are you?!

Are you the brave or the coward?

Are you the risk taker or the play it safe person?

Are you the one who would find it best to settle or the wanderer searching for what is worth it!?

Are you going to stay still and watch your days and memories pass by or are you going to go as far as the road takes you?!

And how far will you go?!




Last farewell

I didn’t know that day would have on me that effect…

I didn’t know that it would be the last picture of you my eyes kept

Was it the last time I see your face!? I didn’t really tell

Because my dear now I know, that day was our last farewell…


I wish I held you close to my heart for some more time

Took advantage of the moments when you used to be mine

I wish I told you again and again how for you my heart fell

Because Baby now I know, that day was our last farewell…


I wish I had given you many more last kisses

I wish I told you that you were in every one of my wishes

I wish I wasn’t to that extent under your charming spell

Because Dearest one now I know, that day was our last farewell…


And in that day I dropped from Heaven and started to live in Hell

Because my Love now I know, that day was our last farewell…


Goodbye_my_lover_by_korny_pnk (1)






Happy Birthday

Tonight I raise my glass for you

For all the moments that will come

For all what we’ve been through

Hoping that all your worries will succumb.


Tonight I raise my glass for you

For your arms around my waist

For all the joy and laughter, and for the tears too

And especially for those enchanting eyes on my face.


Tonight let’s raise our glasses and forget all the blame

Just remember happiness and love with its inside flame.


Tonight I raise my glass for you

I wish you well and all and here’s the rest

I surely hope it will all come true

Because you surely deserve the best.


I wish you a life full of health, joy, fun and without any regret,

For you to be surrounded by people you love and who love you back.

May you find your half who will make you forget

The whole world and will keep you on the Love Track.


Tonight I raise my glass in your way…

And I send you a sincere Happy Birthday!


My reason why

I’ve been asked why I always smile, why I have this urge to live every second of this life enjoying it. I’ve been asked the reason of my strength, of my persistence, of my will.

So now I smile, I point my finger at you and feel really proud about what we have.

We have each others back no matter what, we are there whenever needed, we make life much easier, and above all we know how to laugh.

So to you, I bow my head. For every moment spent together, for all the tears that has been replaced with smiles, for every crazy moment, for every hysterical laugh, for all that we’ve been through, for my reason why…

For you my friends…